Quora Vs Reddit: A Combat For Answers

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Quora Vs Reddit: A Combat For Answers

Internet has made life easier for the curious generation. For those who are desirous of getting to the point, and accurate information, we have now several question and answer platforms where you can directly put in your query and answers from around the world. Currently, two major question and answer platforms are Reddit and Quora. While both have a wide user base, they have their own layout and style to help the users. Here is the list of some of the plus points of the two Q&A platforms:-

Reasons Why Quora is better

#1. User oriented

The layout of the application is more directed towards the users. Users can just make an account on Quora and go on to ask and answer the myriad questions on the platform.

#2. A detailed answer

Whenever you seek answers from Quora, you will always find detailed and fulfilling answers which will clear away all your doubts.

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#3. A sophisticated platform

Quite a filtered platform, Quora has a user base of professionals and intellectuals. On Quora, you find the content which is rich and compelling.

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#4. Upvote

With Quora, the reliability of the answers increases as it has a system of upvote. The users can count upon the information they find on Quora to a great extent.

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#5. Insightful

Despite its knowledge based content, Quora allows the users to be as innovative and insightful as they want. Quora does not limit the answers to factual information only and the users are allowed to put in their perspective and opinion.

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The best thing about Quora is that is content is retained for a long time. So you can still find the answers that were posted years ago.

Reasons why Reddit is better

#1. Content oriented

The Q&A platform of Reddit is more directed towards the content. The content of this platform can interestingly range from informative to humorous.

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#2. Short comments

For the curious generation who have a short attention span, the answers on Reddit are quite crisp and to the point. It is a great base for people who do not want to read long answers.

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#3. Open interface

The best feature of Reddit is that you do not have to go through the process of registering and signing in to use the portal. Reddit provides an open interface to its users.

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#4. Anonymity

Reddit allows you to be completely anonymous. This implies that you can be as expressive on Reddit as you want to be, without the fear of being judged.

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#5. Not limited to Q & A

Reddit is not just limited to the knowledge- based Q&A content. Reddit also relies upon videos and photographs for its contents.

#6. Diverse content

Since Reddit has quite a wide user base and there is no restriction on the subject of content, you can find the most diverse of answers here. People from all nooks and corner of the world are free to share the wildest of their imaginations.

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#7. Advertising

Reddit is quite efficient with providing marketing and advertising opportunities to its users. You even have a separate subreddit to discuss ads.

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We would love to hear from you on your favorite Q&A platform. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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I am an avid user of these two websites Quora and Reddit. I find it really amazing to work on these two websites as I ask questions and find answers. I find it not much reliable now. Now that the traffic on these two website have been increasing drastically many questions answered on the website is highly not acceptable. I usually search for my  questions on many websites to confirm the response given to my questions. This is a very nice website too. I use it very often and I love searching here too because the pictures illustrates the points pretty well. 


I think Quora is a more sophisticated and substantial platform. 

Yes Quora is best

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