What is a Quora User Called?

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What is a Quora User Called?

Wondering what is Quora? Well, with its rising popularity, Quora is becoming the new question-answer platform. But, you know the trend today; people using a particular type of social media usually refer to themselves by an official name to distinguish their community from the ordinary class. How witty!

This time something like this has happened with the Quora users as well. Although, they haven’t settled on a name yet. But the Quora addiction won’t let those guys rest their desperate search until they find something striking and peppy. So, what are the Quora users called? Here is the list of a few name suggestions. Check it out:

#1. Quoran

Many people suggested Quoran, but they don’t like the word  with a similar connotation like Quran (the Holy book of Muslims).

#2. Curious Global Citizens

Many believe that it is the curiosity of the Quora users that bought them at the site and they also believe that the internet has played a major role in bringing them together. The reason why they refer to themselves as Curious Global Citizens.

quora users called

(Image Courtesy: The Verge)

#3. People

This is probably the most popular name because it shows no distinction between the Quora users and the non-users at all and that makes it the first choice of many!

#4. Quorageous

Quorageous is also growing in popularity, and it has a different and meaningful link with other words that account for the words amazing likeness.

using quora

(Image Courtesy: Small Business Trends)

#5. Quoree/Quori

These words are linked with the site’s name, Quora. It also sounds like query, which means a question or doubt that shows the main reason for the establishment of Quora.

#6. Quorious

The word’s sound rhymes with curious and Quora’s functions to satisfy the curiosity collectively. Therefore, many people suggested this term.


(Image Courtesy: Quora)

Do you have some more funky names for Quora user? Come, share with us in the Comments' Section below!

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