Do you think abortion is a crime?

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Do you think abortion is a crime?

Whether ‘abortion should be a crime or not’ is a highly debatable topic which has no end. In many countries, it is considered a crime while in many it is not. The issue is not only sensitive but is also regarded as a sin in many religions. 

According to me, abortion should be an individual’s choice. The one (woman) who can bear a life should only have the choice of decision, while for the rest to consider or to make a decision should be a crime. Like they say ‘no uterus no opinion’, men should have no say in abortions. What I mean here is a woman should solely have the rights or the choice to abort or not to, decisions of others in a woman’s abortion against her will should be considered a crime.

But in cases like rapes or medical situations, abortions should not hold any criminal activity. A woman should have the right to abort the fetus if she is unwilling to bear the child. Moreover, in cases where the sex determination of the fetus leads to abortion should be strictly considered a crime with strict penalty irrespective of whosoever made the choice or decision.

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No it should not.  At the moment sperm enters the egg, that is the beginning of life, and no body has the right to stop it.  Nobody.

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