Are cyber crime cells in India effective?

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Are cyber crime cells in India effective?

Cyber crime cell in India is a part of the crime branch that handles cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are crimes related to the computer and network. They may be related to emails, chats, fund transfer, online jobs, etc. Hacking emails and fraudulent emails are most prevalent cyber crimes both in India and abroad. If a browser's security system is not strong enough, email hacking is very easy. Recently some email ids of 'yahoo' were hacked for which Yahoo has suggested long 20 character password.  I find my twitter account hacked most often.

Stealing information like phone number and bank account details and password is another crime through which cyber thieves can withdraw money from a person's bank account. The saving accounts are the most vulnerable. Such crimes have often been detected in India but rarely have the culprits been caught and brought to book in India.

I as a freelance writer and an online teacher have been cheated by some websites and companies. It's about two weeks ago an India company(rubric info solution, Gurgaon, India) got some educational content written by me and cheated me on a flimsy ground that the work was not up to their expectation even though I had developed the content according to their guideline. In the name of work approval, such websites or companies keep cheating people. Even if the get one article each from says ten writers and deprive them of their payment with the plea of disapproval, they get ten articles free of cost without having to pay for them. This is their trick of earning quick bucks. Some tutoring websites just allot one or two classes and don't pay. This was the treatment I got from 'tutor' a Kerala-based tutoring website. In my nine years of online work, I have been cheated quite some times. I did lodge a complaint with the cyber cell 

I did lodge a complaint with the cyber cell of that area but got no response neither do I think they took any action against the offender. Hence the cyber laws of India have still to be effective. Cyber cells are needed in small towns too. Most Indians cheated online just have to bear the loss with no one to help them. 

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