The best places to celebrate the Christmas festive in India

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The best places to celebrate the Christmas festive in India

The time when Santa arrives in his traditional dress has come and Christmas is round the corner.

The chill in the air is already making people nostalgic and preparations for Christmas are in full swing. In this festive season of Christmas and upcoming New Year, it is but natural that you would like to venture outdoors.

Below are listed some of the best places where Christmas can be celebrated:

1. Goa

A town with Roman Catholic population, Goa celebrates Christmas enthusiastically, every year.  Midnight mass is very popular in Goa and with over 400 churches to choose from, the party is unending.

2. Puducherry

The Church service in Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Church of the Assumption and Church of Our Lady of Lourdes is very popular in Puducherry. Various hotels also organize special events to make it memorable and cake mixing ceremony at The Promenade will be the specialty for this year.

3. Kerala

The joy in Kerala is worth seeing on Christmas. The markets are specially decorated and the church remains open throughout the night on eve of Christmas. Carol singing is a special event on Christmas here and you can see children getting ready for the same days ahead throughout Kerala.

4. Daman and Diu

The Portuguese signs in Daman and Diu are well evident and so are the lively celebrations on eve of Christmas. Portuguese dance which offers a rare glimpse into Portuguese culture is also done in Daman and Diu on Christmas. 

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