These 5 places of Sri Lanka is famous for holiday tour.

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Honeymoon is a very important time for any couple who is starting a new phase of their life together. During this special courtship period, couples create may long-lasting memories to be cherished for lifetime. To start your blissful marital journey, the Sri Lanka honeymoon package is a perfect choice. It is an ideal gateway to steal many beautiful romantic moments for the newlyweds.

Enclosed by the great Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a gorgeous country with beautiful beaches, world-famous heritage sites, architectural marvels, and delicious food. Before you embark on your romantic excursion explore the top five honeymoon spots to visit in Sri Lanka below. Gather some important information about all of them before booking your honeymoon package from Just Click Travels at the best prices.

1) Colombo

Colombo has been the commercial city of Sri Lanka for more than 2,000 years. The main reason for this is the large natural harbor that made it famous amongst the ancient trades from Italy to China. The capital city Colombo is known to be once under the rule of the Portuguese and then British colonists. One of the most famous landmarks to visit of this place is Galle Face Green, a strip park near the Indian Ocean. In addition, you can also visit the Gangaramaya Temple, which is well-known for its beautiful combinations of cultural architectural styles.

2) Galle 

Highly noted for its Galle Fort; the coastal city of Sri Lanka, Galle draws attention from a number of tourists across the globe. The addition of Galle in your Sri Lanka honeymoon package will definitely double the fun and excitement of your honeymoon. Galle is highly popular for its mesmerizing beaches reflecting the ultimate beauty of Dutch culture as once this place was amongst the best Dutch colonies of Indian subcontinent.

While staying in Galle do not forget to visit the amazing Galle stadium. If you are fortunate enough then you will even get an opportunity to witness a T20 match being played there and can become part of the ultimate fun of the stadium. Visit the well-established colonial city Galle for a peaceful break from your hectic lives with your loving partner. The town has pleasing seashore views and a lot of beautiful structures from the era of Dutches.

Visit the historical Galle Fort, which was also built by the Dutches. The fort is now known as the renowned World Heritage Site and the largest sea fort amongst all the remaining sea forts of Asia built by the Europeans. Other major tourist spots of this amazing place are the natural harbor and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

3) Sigiriya

It is one of the most favorite cities of Sri Lanka. Do not skip a visit to this captivating destination while booking your Sri Lanka honeymoon package from Just Click Travels in best price. This heavenly beautiful place will give you the perfect chance to explore the spirit of this country. It is well-known for preserving the sacred remains from the colonial times of Sri Lanka to its heart.

It also includes the remains of city from the 5th century that offers glances of rich culture of Sri Lanka. You can also enjoy a visit to the Rock fort. The tall structure is easily accessible through the stairs. Sigiriya is unbelievably one of the most iconic city of Sri Lanka, located 15km away from the northeast of Dambulla. Sigiriya Rock Fort is built on a plain surface of a large metamorphic rock. Its tall vertical walls form a kingdom of Kassapa.

The kingdom now comprises the remains of an ancient civilization that once existed in the area. You can reach there only if you are brave enough to climb a series of staircases that are connected to the rock walls. And once you enter the fort, you will find the remains and water gardens around the site and views of the brilliant rolling slopes. Also, the forest around the fort will simply leave you spellbound.

4) Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka is widely known for its tea plantations. Undoubtedly, Nuwara Eliya is the best place to learn about tea. It is located at an elevation of 1,900 meters (6,100 feet), in the moderate environmental conditions. Nuwara Eliya is also known as the country’s tea production capital. You can visit various tea plantations here and get some knowledge about the production of tea. Founded in the 19th century, this country became a region for British colonists, due to which it is known as the “Little England”. April is a perfect time to visit this place, as tourists come here to see the blossoms and to celebrate the New Year of Sri Lanka.

Other tourist spots that can be visited in Nuwara Eliya are Sri Lanka’s most renowned waterfalls; Lake Gregory and Laxapana. Now, talking about the environment of this enchanting place; Nuwara Eliya is a magical hill station that has cool and tranquil surroundings. The ambiance this place creates is very similar to a conventional English town with bungalows from historical period with clean and beautiful gardens. This place is loaded with a number of colorful landscapes that can surely rejuvenate your mind and soul from the stressful city life.

In addition to this, here you can revitalize amongst the slopes and glorious tea gardens that are extended densely across the region. Also, do not forget to visit the amazing golf course while staying in Nuwara Eliya.

5) Kandy

It is known as the land of various diversities. Its enchanting beauty and biodiversity make Kandy a place that definitely deserves a place in your Sri Lanka honeymoon package. This large city is situated on a plateau that is enclosed by all the major mountains of the plateau. Kandy is a World Heritage Site and a place where you can get a chance to relish the delicious food of Sinhalese culture, especially if you are visiting the place at the time of Esala Perahera festival during the summers. Also, you can visit the Temple of the Tooth which was constructed in the 4th century, lush green tea plantations, historically famous Buddhist sites, Royal Botanic garden which is widely known for its beautiful orchid plantations, and the Ceylon Tea Museum where you can taste different varieties of tea.

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