Things You Do not Know About Chicago

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Things You Do not Know About Chicago

Chicago or the ‘Chi-town’ is a glamorous young city that is filled with endless opportunities for all. From amazing masterpieces like the American gothic culture to its outstanding sci-fi architecture, this dream city has it all. If you think you know this city well because of the Hollywood influences and skyscrapers, then you might be wrong! This city is much more vibrant than its festivals, cultural mix, and parades. The best part is that it is always filled with tourist and therefore you will get cheap airfare deals no matter when you want to fly. Here are a few things that you probably don’t know about America the third most populous city!

1. Chicago River is the only River in the World that Flows Backward!

In 1889 to safeguard city’s water supply, the State of Illinois enacted a law that enables them to create a Sanitary District of Chicago by constructing canals to make the city River flow backward, away from the lake which separated the north and east flowing River from the south and west flowing Des Plaines River. Eventually, this canal reversed the flow in the Chicago River towards the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico hence diverting sewage away from the Lake Michigan water supply and giving the world the only river that flows backward!

2. It has one of the World's Last Free Zoos.

 If you think nature is all about being free then you will get a pure example of freedom in The Lincoln Park Zoo, which is one of the world's last free zoos. It features free oasis for generations of animal lovers. It’s a place where you can see gorillas on top of the trees, penguins waddling near your feet and feel the tropical rainforest vibes in these spacious savannas. This place is so much better than the zoos that capture and prevent animals from being wild and free. You can witness the true side of the wild in the midst of the protected wilderness.

3. Chicago's Western Avenue is the World's Longest Continuous Street, at 23.5 Miles.

You must have heard about long streets and pathways but what if the street is almost 23.5 miles long? Yes! On South Western Avenue you will get to see the real and spectacular streetscape with railroad viaducts, and even historically designed lampposts. The whole street is aesthetically pleasing with amazing décor. It is one of the most pictorial interchanges between Western Avenue and Western Boulevard, 31st Street and 31st Boulevard. Visit and click pictures to get the most views and likes.

4. World’s First Skyscraper is here

The city is also known to be the sky scrapper city. The first skyscraper of the world is the Home Insurance Building that was built in the year 1885 with structural steel in its frame. It has 10 stories and a whopping height of 138 feet tall but unfortunately it was demolished in 1931 giving way to Sears Tower the present tallest building of the town. It is 10 times taller than the Home Insurance Building and stands at a height of 1,451 feet with 108 floors in it. It is also the 4th tallest building in the world.

5. It has the First Ferris Wheel

Carnivals would never be the same after the invention of the Ferris wheel. Imagine a world without a Ferris wheel! It would have been boring if you can’t enjoy the view from the top in a fair. The world’s first Ferris wheel was constructed in the year 1893 for the World’s Fair in the city. It is huge with a capacity of 2,160 people, and from then on the town has its permanent Ferris wheel called the Navy Pier.

This is a fun city with a comprehensive list of amazing things to do and try. A morning in the city can help you skip a beat of your heart with its mesmerizing views and splendid nightlife. To best know, this city rent a car and visits every nook and corner, sit with the locals and discuss its amazing history. Without Chicago, the world could have lost so many amazing marvels and inventions. 

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