Will Top Gun 2 Be Able To Revive The Lost Charm Of Tom Cruise?

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Will Top Gun 2 Be Able To Revive The Lost Charm Of Tom Cruise?

Actor Tom Cruise confirms that the sequel to the 1986 classic film Top Gun will start with its shooting probably by the next year, 2018. While on the promotional tour for his film Mummy, Tom announced at the Australian morning show Sunrise that it is happening. This brings in much excitement as it has almost been three decades that Top Gun first waved into the theaters.

This film entirely revolutionized the face of military flight school movies. It popularized Tom Cruise, the aviator sunglasses (increasing their sales after that), and bomber jackets. So with the disclosure of making the sequel to Top Gun, it seems pretty natural for us to wonder what happened to the cast of that 1986 Romantic-Action-Drama Film. 

Character 1: Tom Cruise - LT. Pete Maverick Mitchell 

Cruise left everyone breathless with his performance in Top Gun. Not only for the audience but it was a timeless film for Tom Cruise himself. This film skyrocketed his career and made him world’s premiere along with one of the Hollywood’s superstars. But even after blockbuster hits like Mission: Impossible, Golden Globe and Academy Awards and Oscar nominations happened, Cruise went on to face his high-profile gossip making headlines, grabbing his marriages and divorces. 

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He has had a fair share of bad publicity and couch jumping. Nevertheless, Maverick matters! People say that he is a great human being and remains to be one of the A-Listed actors in Hollywood. And we are excited about Top Gun 2. 

Character 2: Kelly McGillis - Charlotte Charlie Blackwood 

This role in the film is based on Christine Fox, a real-life character, who was a civilian instructor at the Miramar Naval Air Station. Top Gun proved to be fortunate for Kelly as by the time it flew away, Kelly got her big break as Harrison Ford’s Amish love interest in the film Witness. Kelly worked undeviatingly throughout the ’80s &’90s. But she eventually took the time away to raise her daughters and family and had also been working full-time at a drug rehab center. 

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McGillis had been going through her personal conflicts. Breaking two marriages, she revealed in the year 2009 that she was a lesbian. Today, Kelly occasionally appears in TV shows and has since been settled in North Carolina where she teaches acting. McGillis even suffered a destructive home invasion, some time back. 

Character 3: Val Kilmer - LT. Tom Iceman Kazanski 

Originally Kilmer had nothing to do with Top Gun but if we go back to the time, isn't it hard to imagine anyone else instead of this jaw-chomping flying expert Iceman. He too got a pretty significant deal after performing Iceman and moved on to Willow, The Doors, Tombstone, Batman Forever and more.  

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Even after several flops and regarded as being difficult to work with, nothing has kept him from appearing in guest and supporting roles. And reportedly, Van Kilmer might once again reprise the character of Iceman in Top Gun 2. 

Character 4: Anthony Edwards - LTJG Nick Goose Bradshaw 

For this perfectly amiable Wingman, Top Gun wasn't his breakthrough transition until he entered television and his career remarkably took off. He went on to play Dr. Mark Greene for eight seasons of E.R. 

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Lately, nothing too distinguishing has been happening with Edwards apart from a few guest spots and series. And he will always be super amazing Goose in our hearts. 

Character 5: Tom Skerritt - CDR Mike Viper Metcalf 

More than 25-years of a roller coaster ride, Tom Skerritt played the role of the chief flight instructor in Top Gun. Before this, Mike appeared in 1979 film Alien. Later he played a comic role in Ted. And now that Tom is in his 80s, he still performs time to time, in smaller roles. 

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Skerritt aka Viper will always be remembered for supporting Maverick in finding himself inside the clouds above Miramar airfield. 

Character 6: Rick Rossovich - LTJG Ron Slider Kerner 

Possibly the best-known guy from the Top Gun's shirtless scenes in the volleyball game, Rick Rossovich happened to be Val Kilmer’s (Iceman) co-pilot in the film. Maintaining every sense of the word, he was the perfect wingman! Slider and Iceman went side by side throughout the film. 

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Over the span of Rick's career, he has worked in over forty films along with TV shows. Before Top Gun, Rick was in The Terminator and Losin’ It accompanied by Tom Cruise & John Stockwell. But for most of the part, Rick is now retired. However, for a while, Rick entertained us with his daily musings on the personal blog. 

Character 7: Meg Ryan - Carole Bradshaw 

This character was a sincerely happy wife of Goose. For Meg Ryan, Top Gun made her a great entrance into the world of cinema life. She made the most of her brief on-screen times through some incredible scenes. Bolder dialogues, versatile acting and singing Great Balls Of Fire gave her almost everything to make the character memorable. 

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Top Gun perfected Meg's adorable persona into America’s top rom-com goddess. She gave some super endearing hits including When Harry Met Sally and French Kiss, etc. In reality, she even dated her on-screen Top Gun partner. After a break, she got into the spotlight with her directorial debut in Ithaca starring Hanks. But we hope she gets the same role in Top Gun 2 too!

Character 8: Michael Ironside - LCDR Rick Jester Heatherly

Now that's a tough sounding surname - Ironside. But besides that, Michael Ironside has quite a career as an actor, producer, screenwriter, director, and VO artist. Known for his roles in X-Men: First Class, 1990’s Total Recall, the voice of Darkseid (Superman-The Animated Series), Terminator Salvation, the two-time cancer survivor Ironside played the role of a flight instructor in Top Gun.

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He was recognized for his heedless seat-of-the-pants flying custom. And he is just as strong in real life as his last name suggests.

Character 9: John Stockwell - LT Bill Cougar Cortell

Cougar's character had set Top Gun's plot into motion after a mid-air freakout required him to surrender his spot at the flight school. So it is rightly believed that without Cougar, there actually would be no film in action. No Cougar means absolutely no Danger Zone.

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During the ’80s and ’90s period, John Stockwell continued acting until he found his real passion in direction with films like Blue Crush, Crazy/Beautiful, and Kickboxer.

Famous stars of Top Gun made their presence remarkable in the film, making their way into million hearts! We hope the same magic happens with Top Gun2.

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