Ways That You Can Save Cash When Shopping

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Ways That You Can Save Cash When Shopping

Dillard’s is one of the most respected and oldest names in the retail department stores industry. At the Dillard’s stores, you will find a huge selection of home goods and apparels from popular brands. You can explore women and men’s fashion from top designers such as Polo, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Coach, Betsey Johnson, Gianni Bini and many more. You can also browse an assortment of housewares from Cuisinart, Mikasa, Fiesta, and Ralph Lauren. Consumers get more from their cash when shopping at renowned department stores like Dillard’s. Here are a few tips to help you make significant savings whenever you shop at Dillard’s.

Sign up for the Dillard’s card

To get rewards, you should sign up for the Dillard's credit card. There are two card options available: Dillard’s Elite Card and the Dillard’s Card. With both cards, you will get rewards of 2 points for each dollar that you spend at their upmarket store. These points can be redeemed for a 10% off shopping pass for every 1,500 points or a $10 reward card. The Dillard’s Elite Card is issued by the American Express and it offers more benefits for consumers. The elite card can be used in any place where Amex is accepted and it reaps more points. Shoppers using the elite card get 2 points on groceries and gas, and one point on anything else. Additionally, cardholders who achieve $5000 in their annual purchases receive their choice of golf, spa, or travel getaway. This makes it worth shopping with.

Sign up for the mailing list

Although you may have lots of junk mail already, you can save lots of money by signing up for the Dillard’s mailing list. This way, you will receive tons of information on coupons, special sales, and offers that can help you save cash when shopping at this budget-friendly store. Apart from opportunities to save money, you will also get emails notifying you of new merchandise, hottest styles, and exclusive events.

Follow them on Facebook

If you are looking for affordable deals, then you should follow the Dillard’s Facebook page. The department store often posts current sales, promos, discounts, and gift-with-purchase offers for their customers. Dillard’s uses Facebook to alert consumers about deals such as one-day-only sales, 40% off on clearance merchandise, and even gift events for Clinique, Lily Pulitzer, Misook, and many more. The company also uses Facebook to inform customers when the cardholders will get their bonus points, and also post dates for trade-in events, holding contents, and even showing off new arrivals.

Shop price reductions

One of the theways to save when shopping at Dillard’s is by looking for price reductions. Dillard’s offers significant markdowns both in stores and online. Virtual markdowns are quite easy to find and navigate because they are marked as price reductions on their homepage. You can easily shop depending on the category because Dillard’s lists the number of items that are on every department. In the Dillard’s stores, price reductions are clearly marked and they are placed in every department. However, the markdown schedules will always vary. Normally, this department store takes their reductions the first Monday and Tuesday of every month, which is the best day to shop for budget deals.

Shop at clearance centers

If you live close to one of the 19 Dillard’s clearance centers, then you are lucky. These centers are specifically meant for clearance of unsold goods from Dillard’s stores all over the country and they never receive any full-line merchandise. When these items get to the clearance stores, they are usually sold at significant discounts. You can easily get shoes, home items, and clothing for as much as 90% off. Keep in mind that the merchandise and the discounts at these clearance centers will vary from one location to another. Furthermore, these stores constantly receive new shipments from the Dillard’s stores and therefore you should keep checking often for great deals. Remember that the clearance stores are quite large and you may spend lots of time sifting through the racks, so wearing comfortable shoes will be a plus.


If you have lots of old handbags or watches that you no longer use or need, you can exchange them for brand new and fabulous bags at Dillard’s. Each year Dillard’s holds a watch and handbag trade-in event where shoppers get discounts on new watches and handbags and also help individuals in need. All you need to do is bring a clean, used watch or handbag and get $15 to $50 discounts when you buy a new bag or watch that costs $50 or more. The trade-in event usually takes place twice every year during spring and fall. All the used handbags that are collected go to a local charity. With this event, you will get a new discounted bag for yourself and also help a woman in need at the same time. This is a great shopping experience that is worth trying, especially if you want to help the less fortunate in the society.

Get gifts

All consumers love getting gifts when shopping. The best time to shop at Dillard’s is when they are giving gifts to shoppers. Dillard’s is one of the great places to shop for beauty products and clothing because they frequently have gift-with-purchase events. Dillard’s holds gift-with-purchase events almost every month. However, the dates for these events will always vary depending on the brand. The gift-with-purchase occasions usually require shoppers to spend not less than $25 to $45. However, you may end up getting gifts that are worth more than what you spend, which makes it worthwhile.

Even if you want to buy a new item right now, waiting for gift-with-purchase events is worthwhile because you may get several gifts with your purchase. In the past events, gifts have included a nine-piece set from Clique, seven-piece sets from Estee Launder, and even 6-piece gift sets from Philosophy. In the clothing department, gift-with-purchase events include Lily Pulitzer and Misook brands, and the gifts usually range from handbags, to gift cards and more.

When it comes to upmarket department stores, it is important for consumers to window shop extensively to find the best deal. For the best shopping deals at Dillard’s, you should be on the lookout for and follow the above-mentioned tips. You should also plan to shop during the holiday seasons because they offer the biggest savings and discounts, especially the New Year’s Day clearance sale.

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