What is a Meme?

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What is a Meme?

Memes are all over the internet. They have taken over the world. Every one of us is sharing a meme on one of our social media. A meme, pronounced as “meem”, is a viral content that is shared from one person to another. Memes are often related to pop-culture. They are made according to what is going around the world. If you like humor and pop culture, then you are going to love memes.

Memes are funny and satirical. If you want to know more about these funny memes, then this article is for you. Keep on reading to know more about the best memes out there along with funny memes and love memes!

What Is A Meme?

The word “meme” was given by Richard Dawkins in 1976. It originated from a Greek word “mimema” which means imitation of something. So in a way, memes are used to share social memories and cultural references among the millennial.

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Classic Memes

Before there were popular references in memes, there were pictures of characters that were used to depict life’s situations. Some of the classic memes include:

#1. Forever Alone: This meme is used to depict loneliness and disappointment in life.

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#2Me Gusta: Me Gusta means “I like it” in Spanish. This meme expresses approval of awkward situations.

3. Trollface: The face in this meme wears a mischievous smile and depicts the face of an internet troll.

#4. Y U NO Guy: This meme was made to bring someone’s attention to a subject or matter.

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Some Funny Memes

There are a lot of memes on the internet, and most of them are funny. Out of millions of funny memes out there, we give you the most hilarious ones.

#1. Evil Kermit Memes: This funny meme originated in 2014, and it shows Kermit the Frog talking to its nemesis Constantine. It is considered one of the funniest memes out there.

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#2. Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cat is a house cat who lives in Arizona. Due to some deformity, it looks like it is always in a bad mood. The cat became highly popular and gained a following of millions. Its expressions turned the grump cat into a funny meme.

#3. Doge: Doge is a funny meme that involves pictures of Shiba Inu Dogs. It depicts words of bad grammar in comic sans font.

#4. Ermahgerd: This funny meme is a depiction of “OH MY GOD”. Someone who is shocked and can’t speak properly because of the excitement is depicted through this meme.

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#5. Success Kid: This funny meme features a little kid with clenched fists and a determined look on his face.

The Best Memes

Here are some of the best memes that have ever graced the earth:

#1. Mocking SpongeBob: The Mocking SpongeBob meme is also known as the SpongeMock. It features the cartoon character SpongeBob who appears to use a mocking tone towards the opinion of someone.

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(Image Courtesy: Know Your Meme)

#2. Overly Attached Girlfriend: This meme features an image of a vlogger Laina Morris. She stares at the camera in a creepy way which is stereotypical of an overprotective girlfriend.

#3. Philosoraptor: This meme depicts a dinosaur that is in deep thought and contemplating life’s important decisions.

#4. Bad Luck Brian: This meme shows a blonde boy who is wearing a sweater and braces. This meme is accompanied by embarrassing and tragic events.

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(Image Courtesy: Know Your Meme)

#5. Wat: The Wat meme is a way of expressing confusion and disgust and shows a woman who is in utter disbelief.

Make Your Own Meme

If all these memes have compelled you to come up with your very own signature style meme, then you can make it on your own. There are many websites that allow you to make memes. Websites like MakeAMeme.org, MemeGenerator.net, MemeCenter.com are some platforms where you can make your own meme.

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These were some of the best and funniest memes out there on the web. If you liked these memes and found the article to be interesting, do let us know in the comments section below.

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