What is Rule of Thirds?

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What is Rule of Thirds?

Rule of thirds grid is a basic concept in photography which helps draw the viewers attention towards a specific part of the image. For a photographer, the rule of third in photography is the best way of ensuring that the viewer knows what the main focus is. 

Not just this, but there are several other photography rules one should be knowing. But first, get your basics clear!

Rule Of Third In Photography

Rule of thirds is one of the basic and confusing yet significant photographic compositions. It's important for creating balanced and pleasing shots. But there's no mandate to follow the rule; you can first learn the rule and then break it.

So, the principle applies to breaking down the square/ rectangular frame into nine imaginary equal parts or breaking down the frame into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. Keeping this Rule of Thirds grid in mind, place your object on any of the intersecting points or along the lines to accordingly compose the frame. The idea is to make your scene look natural and encourage you to make effective use of the negative space.

Here Is How The Rule Of Thirds Grid Looks Like

This is how you need to divide your frame into vertical and horizontal lines.

(Image Courtesy: Photopique)

And this is how you can place the object along the lines.

(Image Courtesy: Your Inspiration Web)

Rule Of Third Examples

Here is how the rule of third in photography is used.

#1. Usual

Here, the object aligns really well along with grid lines. Even the pillar on the left helps in balancing the entire composition.

(Image Courtesy: Photopique)

#2. Opposite

Here, the opposite objects are used to balance the composition. The woman is beautifully placed a bit lower on the right, and the man is on the upper left side. Such a visual treat!

(Image Courtesy: Photopique)

#3. Break The Rule

Sometimes you ought to break the photography rules. And even a more centrally aligned composition works best. There is an added drama and depth.

(Image Courtesy: Phototpique) 

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Other Photography Rules

Here are some of the other photography rules for attaining a better composition.

#1. Framing

Look around, there are natural frames present everywhere. You just need the discretionary power to readily frame the composition.

Image result for Photography Rules framing

(Image Courtesy: Photo Blogger)

#2. Leading Lines

These can range from diagonals, straight, zigzag or curvy lines for enhancing the picture. Attention is naturally drawn along these lines.

#3. Patterns

The world is full of patterns and symmetry. These are eye catching and can effectively be used for creating a frame.

Image result for Photography Rules Patterns

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#4. Depth

You should also focus on giving your image a depth that is present even in the real scene. Images are two-dimensional, so you need to include background, middle ground as well as the foreground.

#5. Cropping

When you find a lot of clutter around the object, make use of the cropping technique and reduce the disorder.

Image result for Photography Rules  Cropping

(Image Courtesy: Digital Photography)

#6. Background

You really need to learn whether the object needs to merge with the background or be ahead of it. If you want to focus on the object, diminish the background clutter. 

#7. Experiment

If none of the rules work in your particular scene, break them! Choose your way. It's no rocket science. At times, the most beautiful compositions break the photography rules.

Image result for Photography Rules   Experiment

(Image Courtesy: Digital Photography)

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