What is Social Bookmarking? How do I get Started?

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What is Social Bookmarking? How do I get Started?

Social Bookmarking allows you to share your products and promotions anywhere and boost traffic to your site. It only takes seconds to install the "AddThis" social bookmarking tool and it's free! Your product pages will provide your visitors with the ability to share products with their friends via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.


Bookitt can be a a hit on-line social news website which show news based on what the network follows or likes by you. Bookitt is designed and evolved with overlaying all functions where users can post hyperlinks to content at the internet and different users can then vote published hyperlinks to love or dislike and participate into dialogue and may remark.

Advantage of bookitt :

With Bookitt you could take benefit of its open and unique consumer network so that you can be generated through content material and URL posting. Bookitt have the broad range of classes like net, music, historical arts, and many others. Like subreddit in Reddit internet site allow their customers to create an opportunity for improve fostering and can attention attention on many discussion areas, Bookitt has the identical centers and functionalities. Bookitt will even help to raise exposure for its specific users per day for unique resources. Bookitt can be a huge network and could be beneficial to organize revolutions, for influential cause etc.

 How it works??

running of Bookitt is primarily based on quite simple process. Like easy registration customers can get registered, as soon as a person is registered he can post the hyperlinks inside the form of url or textual content and remarks. Bookitt users can create their very own put up based on subject matter or pastimes. fascinated users might be allowed to like or dislike the put up on Bookitt. On basis of likes and dislikes posts will rank and as a consequence it displays at the page. Admin of the Bookitt can create or manage categories and sub categories after they required. Bookitt is a marketing and search engine optimization friendly product which will shop your advertising and marketing finances as properly at the price of Bookitt.

 Why NCrypted???

NCrypted technology is serving more than 1,750+ tasks throughout a hundred and fifteen countries world-extensive correctly. we have researched and than evolved Social bookmarking software, after our years of works and evaluation. As bookmarking platform is not new to us, Bookitt is primarily based on bookmarking platform but customized and innovated in keeping with the tendencies. NCrypted is here to serve you and satisfy all of the necessities with the aid of constructing Bookitt product inside the manner you need. we can provide a computer virus unfastened and completely examined script to help you to paintings with out break downs.

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