Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive? Reasons Are Here

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Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive? Reasons Are Here

In 2017, if your business website is not responsive then it’s not a site. Responsive web design (RWD) is like water, it has no shape, so it takes the device shape. This is the reason that web developer recommended responsive design as an efficient alternative to mobile applications. If you have a responsive site, then your website will adapt to each device, and provide the relevant layout and content that best meets the needs of the users. Some of the undeniable reasons your site needs to be responsive are mentioned just in this informative post.

Improve SEO Ranking
If you have responsive websites, then it will definitely perform better in search rankings as they provide a better user experience than those websites that are not mobile-friendly. Just because your business site ranks high in desktop search does not mean it will continue to rank well for the same search in phone phones because mobile devices have a separate Google search algorithm too. Google prefers RWD over mobile templates. You could lose more than 45% of your traffic without a responsive design.

Increase Social Media Presence
Now, more than  50% of social media consumption happens on mobile phones, so sharing links from social media channels Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,etc., to your website will mean more traffic and viewing of your site from mobile devices. Your customers are using social media sites every day. Integrating your site and social media presence provides them a choice of channels to stay in touch with your business, also it provides the ability to boost communication and service to people to increase sales.

Mobile Users Are Increasing Day By Day
Do you know a large number website traffic Comes from mobile phones? Every month mobile usage continues to grow, so more and more customers will view your website every month from a mobile device. Your site visitors will likely have a good option of your brand if their experience viewing and interacting with your website is good, and they'll be more likely to visit your site as well.

Web pages, with a responsive site, adjust to the size of any smartphone's. No hassle for your site visitor as well as no hassle for you to create multiple site versions. That’s why you need an RWD website.

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