Where is Mount Everest?

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Where is Mount Everest?

The Chinese call it Qomolangma Feng, while the people of Nepal refer to it as Sagarmatha. The word Tibetans have for it is Chomolungma, which means “Goddess Mother of the World.” For many decades, it was also known simply as Peak XV. But no matter what you call it, they all refer to the same beauty, Mount Everest.

The highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest is a spectacle for some and a challenge for others. But one question that everyone is asking is where exactly Mount Everest is located? While some want to know just for knowledge, others want to know because they plan to conquer the giant. 

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If you are wondering in which country is Mount Everest located in, then the answer is Nepal, a landlocked nation in South Asia, wedged between China in the North and India in the South. The precise location of the mountain is the Mahalangur Range, a section of the Great Himalayas, which stretches from Southeast Nepal to the Arun River in Tibet.

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You can further zero in on the behemoth by knowing what district it is located in. The home of the Everest is the Solukhumbu District, which sprawls for approximately 3312 square kilometers. This is where the UNESCO-listed 1243-square kilometer Sagarmatha National Park which houses 7 peaks over 23000 feet other than Everest.

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To behold the magnificence of the mountain, you can head to Mount Everest Base Camp, located at an altitude of 18590 feet. Every year, scores of mountaineers throng Nepal with plans to climb Mount Everest but only some of them realize their dreams. While more than 2000 summited it, hundreds of people also have lost their lives challenging the Everest.

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An interesting fact that you probably don’t know is that though the mighty Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, it is not the tallest mountain on earth. Mauna Kea, which peaks at 13796 feet above sea level, has 19700 feet of it submerged in the Pacific Ocean. This makes the giant almost a mile taller than the sky-piercing Everest.

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