Who is the Founder of Wikipedia?

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Who is the Founder of Wikipedia?

The worlds largest free-access web encyclopedia platform Wikipedia has over 50 million articles that are offered in around 250 different languages. It's a popular service for users to solve their queries. 

But, when was Wikipedia created? Who is the founder of Wikipedia foundation? And who are Larry Senger and Jimmy Wales? In this article, we will find it all. 


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia platform that is essentially written in collaboration by the people who make use of it. Wikipedia is really a distinctive and popular website created for making collaborations easier. Thousands of modifications are being made each hour for constantly improving Wikipedia. However, considering it as a reliable source may not be deemed as viable. 

It definitely is the most referred encyclopedia today. But when it comes to high-quality researchers, Wikipedia cannot be trusted regarding the information it offers. Wikipedia articles do provide several verifiable links for guiding a user, but anyone can generate and modify articles, which is why the platform becomes unreliable.


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When Was Wikipedia Created?

15th January 2001 is said to be the precise date when Wikipedia was created. The word is a portmanteau of Wiki and Encyclopedia. Wiki derived from a Hawaiian term "Wiki" which meant "quick".

Who Is The Founder Of Wikipedia Foundation?

The Larry Senger And Jimmy Wales Conflict: The entire story begins with the person called Jimmy Wales. He was the CEO of Bomis, a search engine provider featuring adult oriented content. It was in the year 2000 that Larry Senger hired Jimmy to Bomis for initiating an online project called Nupedia. They ensured quality and published just 12 articles in a day at their encyclopedia platform. They struggled in terms of investment along with the content supply.

It was Ben Kovitz, a computer programmer, and Larry's friend who introduced the concept of Wiki. The idea was definitely intriguing. Both Ben and Larry have different stories to what exactly happened after the idea was introduced. What both remember is one of them spoke about the Wiki concept with Jimmy Wales, and Larry exactly knew how to go about with the process of establishing a separate project for people who are intimidated and want something new (apart from Nupedia). 

Jimmy Wales.

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But years later, Jimmy modified the story saying it wasn't Larry but a Bomis employee to come up with the thought of making Wiki an encyclopedia platform. According to him, Larry was just another employee helping him out during the launch process. Larry wasn't the originator. Also, Senger couldn't produce significant evidence and proposals that he claims to have written back then. No one knows how true and precise he was. So, in that case, Jimmy Wales remains to be portrayed as the founder of Wikipedia and Larry Sanger was the in-charge of this platform. 

But, somehow both Larry Senger and Jimmy Wales are accredited for establishing Wikipedia. Larry was even described as the co-founder in press statements during the initial days of Wiki. But today, Wales delivers the history with an alternative version. And to your surprise, Jimmy Wales has altered his own biography almost 18 times.

The Wikimedia Foundation, a San Francisco based non-profit firm is also owned by Jimmy Wales. It was started in 2003, and the organization owns wikipedia.org. It raises funds, develops and deploys software, controls the servers, distributes grants, and outreaches to support Wikimedia projects, which includes Wikipedia.

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I wouldn't call Wikipedia a reliable source since anybody can alter the information available on it. You can argue that most information on the website is correct, but there are instances when it is incorrect or invalid. Therefore, I would suggest you to do a thorough research if you are using the information in something significant. But if you are only looking for the birthday of your favorite movie star, Wikipedia can be the first choice. 

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