A Study Reveals Best Times To Book Cheap Flights

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A Study Reveals Best Times To Book Cheap Flights

Looking to book a vacation? Planning for a get away? Wondering what is the best time to book the air tickets? A study published this week the prime time for airfare deal and the best time to book tickets for domestic and international trip.

This study surveyed by taking a look at 351,568,000 airfares for 1,098,650 international flights over the course of last year across 3,010 international markets. It revealed the fact that instead people buying the air tickets too early or at the last minute isn’t as beneficial as booking it somewhere in the middle.

Smart flyers ought to be apparently reserving their domestic flights between three weeks to three and a half months ahead of the desired travel date. Whereas people planning for international trips, must book their tickets nothing less than two months in advance.

This survey gave a summary of the best time to book air tickets in advance to avail best airfare deals: (Per CNBC)

Canada: 59 days

Mexico: 61 days

Asia: 90 days

Europe: 99 days

Africa: 119 days

Middle East: 119 days

Central America: 61 days

Caribbean: 76 days

South America: 81 days

According to the survey, Flights between Asia and US should be booked three months prior to the date of travel.  

Why? Because…

CheapAir.com CEO Jeff Klee told to CNBC: “There is an excess capacity on trans-Pacific flights (especially China), if there are more seats available at the lower price point at dates closer to travel, the over-supply might explain this phenomenon, at least in part.”

However, this survey offers a proviso to their cheaper-than-normal estimations. They don’t include major holidays.

Travelling during peak season will certainly guarantee high pricing of the air tickets. That specially goes for summertime season.

One basic tip and hack for cheap travelling is..Don’t travel when everyone else is. .!!!

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