Bail Bonds Process in Washington Explained by Lacey O’Malley

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The entire purpose of the bail bond system is to ensure a defendant makes an appearance in court, as scheduled. As a defendant or a loved one of the defendants, it is important to understand how the bail bond process works. At Lacey O’Malley, we hope to educate the community on how the bail bond process in Washington works. Should you have any further questions, we do have FAQs and you can call to inquire with your experienced bail bond agents.

Bail Bond Process

Following booking, should a charge be considered a misdemeanor, the defendant is often released by paying a cash bail bond. The bond amount varies depending on a predetermined bail schedule, the severity of the charges, and past criminal offenses of the defendant. For felonies, a defendant must be arraigned in court before a bail amount is set. The defendant may then post a cash bond or arrange for a surety bond. In both cases, the defendant may require the assistance of a bail bond agency. 

A bail bond, or surety bond, requires contacting a bail bond agency to receive. During the phone consultation with a bail bond agent, the bail company (in this case, Lacey O’Malley), will collect basic information regarding the entire situation, including where the defendant is being held, how long they have been in holding, what the charges may be, do they have employment, etc. The bail bond agency must assess the overall risk of the bail bond.

From there, the agency will sell a bail bond to the customer, who must then sign a bail bond document. Then, the bail bond can be delivered to the holding facility. From there, we can secure a quick jail release for the defendant.

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