Can Lazy People be Successful?

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Can Lazy People be Successful?

If you are few of the ones who believe that working is only a means of expending your energy which can be saved by doing absolutely nothing, then you are sure to have come across phrases like ‘why are you so lazy’? ‘This laziness will take you nowhere’ and ‘how can you be so lazy’?

Here’s a good news for everyone who has been scrutinized all their lives for being lazy. Laziness is your virtue, and nobody in this entire universe can take it away from you.

For the ones who are super active often wonder, why are people so lazy? We would say that laziness is not a disease rather it is a blessing in disguise. Being lazy can keep you in an advantageous position in the future. A lazy person will always repel from strenuous tasks, and hence will come out with easier solutions.

Studies suggest that laziness exists within every person, be it more or less. But being lazy does not necessarily imply that you are inactive, it rather reflects on your capabilities of finishing an assigned task in lesser time and lesser efforts.

If you think that lazy people cannot be successful, these points mentioned below will surely help in changing your point of view.

Is Being Lazy Good Or Bad?

Well, terms like sloth bear, procrastination and being lazy sounds bad to the ear, they may actually be good for your future. Yes, lazy people tend to become more successful and that too in lesser time (considering they need extra time to rest). So, for us being lazy is mostly good and here’s why:

#1. The Inventive Streak

Lazy people get really creative in terms of organizing their work. They would never want to put in extra time and efforts to do something that can be achieved with lesser energies. They will always focus on achieving the results rather than the process that’s involved. A lazy person will always figure out as a method through which he can avoid repetitive efforts and a monotonous routine.

Lazy people always look forward to simplifying the otherwise complicated tasks. Who knows if the face behind the inventions of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and chapatti makers were some lazy lads like us.

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#2. They Can Be Great Entrepreneurs

Laziness often leads to the most bright and creative ideas. Lazy people have minds that become the breeding grounds for the most innovative and interesting ideas because they do not waste it in over thinking. They think about multiple categories, and hence are very enterprising. While dealing with a lazy person, make sure that you provide them an exciting environment, because working in a dull and boring is not their cup of tea.

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#3. They Know How To Relax

Funny right? What else do we expect out of lazy people? Well, lazy people do love to relax and they make sure that they re-energize themselves after expending some of it. Unlike people who strain themselves have the tendency to lose out on their memory, lazy people make sure that their brain gets to rest, and hence it works more efficiently. Shout out to all the lazy people out there, keep spreading your laziness!!

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#4. They Always Achieve Their Goals

Lazy people love to laze around, and hence they finish their work in lesser time than others, so as to get more time to relax. Most importantly, they are too lazy to pay attention to others, and therefore are more focused on the job in hand.

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#5. They Have Sharp Minds

For a lazy person, it is highly important to make time for relaxing. It needs a sharp and active mind to dodge between your work and break hours. Only a lazy, yet clever chap can discover ways to be completely engrossed in his work for a while, and then do absolutely nothing for the rest of the time. A smart and lazy person makes for the best employees in a company.

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#6. They Are Always Relaxed

Lazy people are called so because they do not take any hasty or impulsive decisions. They will never rush or jump from one decision to other because they are too lazy to do it. They take their own sweet time to finish a task before getting on to the next one. Lazy people never panic because they fully concentrate while they work, therefore reducing the chances of any faults.

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#7. They Are Good With Handling Technology

In a time when technology rules the world, lazy people are taking full advantage. They use all sorts of software, programs, and gadgets to simplify their work and get done with it as soon as possible. For example, instead of sending a document separately to the editor, the manager and the lawyer for approval, he would rather make a Google document which can be shared with all at the same time and the amends can be made there and then. This way they can save a lot of time and energy which can later be used in doing absolutely nothing.

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#8. They Know The Art Of Delegating

Put a lazy person to a task and see the magic. They will quickly delegate the task to the subordinates in a manner that the targets are achieved efficiently and quickly (most important). The lazy chaps make for great leaders.

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#9. They Love To Procrastinate

Procrastination is a lazy person’s forte and surprisingly it works to their advantage. When a lazy person procrastinates, he is well aware that now he is left with no room to waste any time. This makes him work in his best capabilities without leaving any chance of faults and errors.

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#10. They Can Make Money Even When They Are Asleep

Lazy people do not believe in working their fingers to the bone day in and day out to achieve success. They will rather use technology and the online tools in a way that they are able to make money even when they are not working. So what do you do when you wake up and find more money in your bank account than the previous night?  YOU BECOME LAZY.

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Why Are People So Lazy?

While we have mentioned a lot many benefits of being lazy, but it is important to reason your laziness. A person can be lazy because of a number of reasons. Here are some of them.

#1. Fear Of Failure

Many lazy people procrastinate or avoid making decisions because they are too self-critical. They often prolong their decisions because they do not trust their abilities.

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#2. Fear Of Expectations

When you perform, people start expecting things from you. Lazy people set the bar too low,so that they are not burdened with unwanted expectations.

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#3. Need For Relaxation

Lazy people often use all their time to rest and relax. They don’t mind being called lazy if they get to spend time doing nothing.

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#4. Depression

Many people turn lazy due to lack of motivation or lack of interest. They are mostly ignorant towards achieving their goals because they are not motivated enough to complete them.

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Some Of The Most Successful Lazy People

We weren’t joking when we mentioned that a lot of successful inventions must have been made by the laziest bones in the world. If you still don’t believe us, then look through these examples:

#1. Charles Darwin

He is said to be incredibly lazy as a kid. His teachers and parents worked too hard to make him learn grammar and math at school because he often fell asleep in the middle of the lessons. Even while growing up, he preferred fishing and shooting crows over practicing any other sports and he loved spending time in the pubs and bars, instead of utilizing it in something constructive. Surprisingly enough he got into science, yet his laziness stayed with him. He might have done some ground-breaking discoveries, however, he still took years for writing his work.

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(Image Courtesy: Bio)

#2. Sir Winston Churchill

He showed poor results in class and could never make it to college. He found himself irrelevant in the sports ground, and hence enjoyed watching them. It was perhaps his love for the rocking chair which made him a great politician.

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(Image Courtesy: Curtis Brown)

#3. Einstein, Newton, Picasso, Mendeleev amongst others also managed to achieve tremendous success and became popular worldwide. They became the role model for a plethora of lazy people out there.

Laziness has become an overused criticism to judge someone’s character. While being lazy does not necessarily bring you all the praises, you can always try to fulfill your responsibilities and enjoy your leisure time.

Being lazy gives you the super natural powers of expending no more energies than required. You can actually look at the world with a different point of view, which is usually while lying on your bed side.

Stay lazy and rule the world!

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Do you think that a lazy person can make the best of life; if they use their smartness to overcome difficult situations? Let us know in the comment section below.


Laziness is a state of living which does not necessarily bring success. A person’s success depends on the habits he follows, and being lazy is definitely not one of them. To be successful, one needs to follow a routine which includes undivided dedication and sincere efforts. The only difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is that a person who achieves success develops positive daily habits in opposition to the one who fails because he let the waves of life dictate his routine. It's up to you to decide on whether you want to drown in the life-waves or carry your surfboard and take charge of the waves. To be successful in any of your endeavors, it is important that you plan things ahead. A lazy person does not even care for his present, how can one expect them to think about the future. You need to be active and determined to decide for your future while living in the present. You can achieve it by spending some time reflecting on your accomplished goals that you still need to achieve. Making such lists will help you in determining the plan of action for the long run. Lazy people surely have a knack of doing things efficiently by using shortcuts, because they do not value hard work. Hard work may not gain you instant rewards but they never go in vain. A successful person is sure to work hard because they do not shy away from putting in all their efforts and energies into everything that they do. While lazy people like to chill and Netflix with their buddies, successful people prefer to be in the presence of other successful people. They are always on the lookout for more energy and motivation to scale up their graphs. By doing so, you inherently rise to higher standards and keep pushing yourself to do better things in life. 

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