Do Animals Cry?

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Do Animals Cry?

Can animals shed tears? Do animals cry before they die? There are many ways through which animals express their latent emotions. They can laugh and cry just like humans. They mourn the loss of their dear ones just like us.

Do animals have tear ducts? Yes, they do. Similar to laughter, animals respond to sadness and grievance. They are capable of showing their sorrow through their tears. When beaten, tortured or when they see something sad, they often show signs of crying and sadness.

Do Animals Cry For Their Loved Ones?

Animals like dogs, apes, and elephants are known to shed tears for the loss of someone they loved. They shed tears when their companion or their offspring die. Dogs grieve for their masters. They cry and express their sadness. Dogs become silent and stop eating their food for days. Many female apes express their sorrow when one of their babies die. Animals too, get distressed, and they mourn for their loved ones.

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How Does One Know?

Many animals get distressed, but do not show signs of crying even when they may be grieving or be depressed. But some animals have tear ducts, and they do shed tears. Animals can feel pain and cry when it does happen to them just like us. If your pet is not eating their food or has gone silent, then you can tell they are sad that they and need your love.

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How Long Do Animals Mourn?

Some birds mate for life. If their partner dies, they stop eating and eventually die too. This goes on to show that some animals never get over the death of their loved ones. Some dogs wait and sit for their master to come back, but once they understand that they will not come back, their mourning is over. This does not mean that they become happy. Just like human psychology they accept the reality and move on.

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Do Animals Understand Death?

Wild animals know and understand that death is permanent. They mourn the death of their family members and celebrate the death of their predators. They understand that death is permanent and they can’t bring back the dead. Mothers who lose their babies are the biggest mourners in the animal kingdom.

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Does this convince you to believe that animals can cry? Do let us know what are your opinions on this in the comments section below.  

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