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Critics Review

Dunkirk opens as thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Captured on the beach with their backs to the sea, they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. One of the Best movie in recent Time.

Stars: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Category: Action, Drama, History, Thriller, War
Release Date: 18-Jul-2017, UK, France, USA
Overall Ratings: 3.4 / 5

'Dunkirk', directed by Christopher Nolan, has finally hit the theaters and is raking positive reviews for its intense plot. The drama thriller narrates the tale of the heroic mission conducted on the beaches of Dunkirk that resulted in the safe evacuation of 3,30,000 soldiers who were stranded on the beach during Germany's invasion of France.

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The Guardian

In re-creating the large-scale troop evacuations in the early part of the second world war, Nolan has not only taken on a cornerstone national myth – the “little boats”, “we shall fight on the beaches” and all that – but he has also made a film as stylistically bold as anything Kubrick engineered.


Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk feels like a salve. Its visual and sound effects are elaborate and impressive. This is a grand spectacle, not an empty one, a rare example of the Hollywood blockbuster dollar well spent. 

ABC News

It's a frightening, thrilling opening, but the thing that strikes you is the sound. Nolan likes the confrontational energy of high volume effects, and the sound of the bullets whooshing and spitting leaps out of the sound mix. The rest of the film proceeds with a similar intensity.


The best war movies of the last 20 years, including Saving Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge, have also placed viewers in the center of the battle. Nolan has not reinvented that immersive approach, but he comes close to perfecting it.

Opinions (3)
Masterpiece-A must watch
Dunkirk movie is an excellent and incredible performance by the cast and great direction by Christopher Nolan's.
Masterpiece-A must watch

Dunkirk Movie is one of the best war movies and Christopher Nolan's is Great.

One time watch

Brilliant trailer, great acting, would love too watch it!

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