How to Create a Company page in Linkedin?

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How to Create a Company page in Linkedin?

LinkedIn has emerged as the best platform for professionals, having the biggest network of professionals who can connect with each other. The aura of LinkedIn is the best for the growth of any business- you can directly find your business related audience and connect with them to get sales. And, whether your business is a B2B or B2C, the platform remains the best possible place alike for both to get some good connections.

Some people don’t have an account on LinkedIn which is somehow manageable, but not having a business page on LinkedIn can be toxic for your business. But, it’s never too late to start fresh, so if you haven’t yet, you can do it now- create a business page on LinkedIn.  

How To Create A Business Page On LinkedIn   

#1. Before knowing how to create a business page on LinkedIn, it is important to have a personal account on LinkedIn.

#2. From your LinkedIn home page move the cursor and select "Interest" and then select "Companies."  

#3. Select “Create” in the “Create a Company Page” section which would be on the right-hand side of the menu.  

#4. Now, you have to enter the company’s official name and an email address that people can use to reach out to you.  

#5. The critical segment is the description, write a catchy, and detailed description about your company of 250 and 2000 characters including spaces. Before you publish your page, don't forget to add the official website URL in the description. 

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Before you think of creating a business page on LinkedIn, there are some things you might need to know.

LinkedIn Requirments To Add A Company Page 

#1. A personal account with a real first and last name is a must before you proceed to create a business page. 

#2. Must be at least seven-years-old. 

#3. Having connections, a lot of them in your profile is a must.

#4. You have to have mentioned yourself as an employee in your profile with your current position in the description.

#5. The company email address must be verified after being added to the page.

#6. The domain name should be unique and can be used only once to create a page.

#7. The account must be an all-star or at least an intermediate in ranking. 

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How Does A LinkedIn Page Help Your Company?

#1. Increases your reach and showcases your business to like-minded professionals.  

#2. Your employees become your brand ambassador on LinkedIn when you have a business page in place.

#3. Using the analytics, you can gauge the impact of your updates and find out whether you're on the right path or not.

#4. Your business page becomes a portfolio of your company, showcasing all the services.

#5. Allows an opportunity to promote latest updates about your business and reach to a wider audience.

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How To Ensure More Followers On Your Linkedin Business Page.  

Having high engagement and active followers on your business page is a dire need for any business page or professionally connected to the business; otherwise, it is not worth investing time on Linkedin. So, below are some tips to ensure the same.

#1. Add your employees and colleagues in your account to immediately gain attention which allows them to like your business updates, share their relevant feedback and spread across their list of connections. 

#2. Adding regular easy-to-follow links on your page helps people connect with your business quickly. And using the page in your promotion strategies like newsletters and marketing emails makes it easier for people to remain updated.  

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