How to get fund for Startup Business?

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How to get fund for my startup from private sectors or from individuals. how to plan business model for startup?

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Getting fund for your startup business is not an easy task as you need to convince the person you are borrowing it from that he/she will get the promised return on investment and lay out a plan that outlines how you will set up your business set the price and then market it. If you are looking to start a small business you can borrow it from your family or relatives however if you want to start a big business or launch a brand you need to get venture capitalists and banks to back you in this venture. There are government programs as well that offer startup capital as the government wants to improve the start up eco-system. All you need to do is submit your business plan and if it gets the nod then you will get your funding. You can even opt for business credit card if you want some instant money.

The past few decades have witnessed a boom in start-up industry with a number of start-ups disrupting the corporate sector with their offerings and services. Today, we have a  start-up for every solution. From milk products to delivery services, there are many start-ups that are always available to provide us products and services at our doorstep. Despite the growing number of start-ups, a number of them disappear after first few years of functioning. This is primarily because they are not able to collect enough funds. We all know that most of the start-ups function on funding from other companies and very few of them are self-funded. However, getting fund for a start-up is not a distant dream. Several corporates and multinational companies are willing to invest in start-ups considering the success of a number of them. A start-up can fetch funding from these companies by getting itself enrolled in various programs and workshops that keep on happening from time to time. Some of them are specially arranged for start-ups so that they can sell their business idea and attract funding from other companies. The best way to attract funding is to propagate your business ideas as much as you can. A start-up can attract funding solely on the basis of how much has it promoted its business idea. Therefore, a start-up looking for funding should look for ways to promote its ideas through social networking, newspapers, magazines etc. Workshops also play a decisive role in start-up funding.

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