Various Innovative Uses of Plastic Tube That Can Be Applied in Daily Life

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Various Innovative Uses of Plastic Tube That Can Be Applied in Daily Life

Plastic or PVC is a synthetic material that is used in manufacturing different types of tubes or pipes, which can be effectively utilized for various domestic or commercial purposes. The plastic tube is used in various fields and different qualities of PVC pipes are available in the market. These tubes can be used for the creation of different types of products that are needed in various causes. Generally, the plastic pipes are commonly used in the plumbing systems. Earlier people used to install some metal or iron made tubes in their plumbing system, but these tubes can be affected by rust within a short time. Instead of metal tubes, people can use the plastic tubes and these plastic tubes are completely rust and heat resistant.

Some DIY Products That Can Be Made with Plastic Tube:

  1. Pen holders on the desks – The used plastic pipes can be used for making various DIY products, instead of simply throwing them out. Often the plastic plumbing pipes need to be replaced, in case of any crack detected after using for some years. These used pipes may be cleaned and cut short for transforming into colourful pen stands or desk organizers, which can be used on the study tables at home or on the working desks in office.
  2. Pipe connectors – Sometimes, two straight plumbing pipes need to be connected with an extra connector piece, which can be created from the thrown-out plastic tube. The plumbers may cut off the unused parts of the PVC pipes, and you can recycle these plastic connectors with heat compressor. But you cannot do this recycling process with any DIY tools, and you can sell them to some plastic manufacturing company for the same.
  3. Gardening towers – The creeper plants may be grown on the long PVC pipes that can be transformed into the tall towers in the garden. The plastic is not invaded by the destructive insects and thus, those plants are effectively saved from all harms. The shortage of space in the garden can be made up with the use of these towers, instead of the flowering pots.
  4. Bird feeder in poultries – The plastic pipes with the fitted bend tubes are arranged in a row and can be used as the DIY bird feeder, which can be used in the commercial poultries or at home for feeding the pet birds. The birds find it easier to feed on grains or drink water from the open ends of these bend tubes. The plastic tube of these feeders may also be simply washed with soap and water.
  5. Stylish wine glass holders – The PVC pipes may be worked upon and turned into fashionable hanging holders for storing the wine glasses. Only a foot long clean plastic tube needs to be taken, on which several thin slits are made for fitting the base parts of the wine glasses. These glass holders can be conveniently fitted on the wall of the domestic dining space or the commercial bar, as very little space is needed for fitting such holders.
  6. DIY holders for hair dryer – The used plastic connectors can be painted with vibrant colours and may be used as durable holders for storing the hair dryers and flat iron at the dressing tables.
  7. Outdoor rack for drying cloths – The long plumbing pipes may be reused for creating useful racks, where people may hang their cloths and leave for drying in the air. People may also make smaller racks by using shorter pipes, which can be used in the bathrooms for hanging towels and bathrobes.

There are many other DIY products that can be successfully created by using the inexpensive plastic tube, which is easily available in all local plumbing stores.

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