How to Make Friends as an Introvert?

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How to Make Friends as an Introvert?

 Introversion is a personality trait wherein the person focuses more on the internal feelings rather than the external ones. Introverts make up for about 25-40 percent of the total population.

Being an introvert can cause challenges for those who wish to interact with people but are unable to do so. They do not plan on avoiding social interactions with friends and families, but just end up finding themselves completely blank, when in the presence of multiple people.

For introverts, social interactions extract a lot of mental and physical strength. But just to be clear, introverts do not intend on staying away from making friends and acquaintances.

Introversion is often considered as shyness which is not true for all. Introverted people are not always shy; they just do not know how to start a conversation. Unlike shy people, they will eventually start talking if they find something worth talking about. Shyness implies fear of being around people, whereas introversion is all about not liking to spend time with other people.

While you figure out if you are an introvert or just shy away from talking, we have here a list of tips and tricks that can help you pop out of your introverted shell and be a part of the maddening crowd. We hope you enjoy reading them.

How To Make Friends As An Introvert?

As an introvert, it is always difficult to make the first move, because you have absolutely nothing to talk about. To initiate a conversation, one needs to be capable enough to articulate their thoughts. Here are some methods that can help you break the ice if you are an introvert.

#1. Browse Through Different Groups

Even if you are an introvert, you ought to have things that hold your attention. You can pick from book clubs, cooking classes, a meditation session or maybe group coaching, anything depending on your likings. The attendees obviously will share the same interests and will, therefore, help you in initiating a conversation. Introverts usually do not enjoy small talks, so having common interests will lead to an interactive session.

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#2. Be A Part Of Social Events

Attending social events is the best way to find yourself surrounded by lots of new faces. You cannot expect people to just knock at your door and you just magically become friends. You need to put yourself out there by accepting invitations. Just start using the word “Yes” more often.  

Just loosen out a little, offer your help to people who are organizing the events. Maybe you’ll start enjoying being a part of these events, once you feel comfortable around the people.

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#3. Work On Your Body Language 

As an introvert, you might have a very unwelcoming body language, which naturally pulls you away from the crowd. Make sure you have a smile on your face whenever you meet or greet anyone. A smiling face is always welcoming. Sitting with your arms crossed is a sure sign of disinterest. Keep your arms open (not literally though!)

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#4. Always Greet People 

Greeting people while you take a stroll in your college’s lawn or your office corridor is a traditional method of initiating a conversation. Saying a ‘hello’ or wishing your colleagues ‘good morning’ is an indication enough of your willingness to be social.

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#5. You Can Always Share Personal Experiences 

For introverts who wish to start a conversation, sharing your personal experiences is your key. When you share something that you have experienced or something that you believe in, you can just speak about it without giving it much of thought.  

It has a dual purpose; first, it helps in breaking the ice and second, people get an insight into your personality.

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#6. Keep Your Questions Open-Ended 

While you make a conversation, always try to involve the people around you. You can always ask them about their opinions, their experiences or anything relevant to the discussion. This will help in creating an interactive atmosphere. Many people love to talk about their encounters, and open ended conversations just give them what they want.  

You can also have conversations that require the other person to share their likings and disliking with you.

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#7. Be Yourself 

Even if you are an introvert, just be it. Do not try to over perform with an intention to impress the audience. Focus on the things and activities that are close to you, and you will eventually find people with similar interests. Common interests always lead to strong friendships.  

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#8. Focus On Quality

If you are an introvert who really looks forward to making friends, keep the count low. Do not plan on becoming a part of the cool group of your school; instead, focus on few people who share common interests and beliefs.

How Introverts Make Friend

For introverts, making new friends is nothing less of a mental and physical struggle. When a smile feels like a muscle stretch and talking seems to be a waste of energy, how do you imagine yourself getting out of your own bubble? Social Media may be your answer.

Yes, with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and WeChat, you can always start by commenting on posts or by sharing blog posts, so to let people know about your opinions. Making friends as an introvert may get difficult when you stand in a crowd, and therefore you can use your virtual existence to be your last resort.

#1. Chat On Twitter

Ditch the usual Facebook and Whatsapp chat for something cooler and fresher. While you can tweet and retweet posts on the platform, it now has the chat feature available too. The best part is that you will always find similar people, with some fresh faces once in a while. Usually, the host of the chat posts a question which can be answered by choosing the given options.                          

#2. Comment On Blog Posts

If you are a voracious reader who loves to browse through various sites and blogs, we would suggest you to start dropping comments on the ones you like. It will attract other users to read and opine. Such conversations can turn into interesting sessions, hence giving you an opportunity to open up and interact.

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#3. Facebook Groups

If nothing else works, then Facebook groups are your ultimate savior. Be a part of your college or school Facebook pages, to stay updated. You can also be a part of other groups that talk about the things that you like to read about. Get chatty with other members and make new friends.

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Dealing With An Introvert Friend

Introvert people can be highly knowledgeable and become great friends once they open up. But until the time that they don’t, how can you help them?

Well, just as they say that a friend in need is a friend indeed, you should definitely create an atmosphere where in your introverted friend do not feel awkward.

#1. Do Not Poke Too Much

For starters, you need to hold your horses. We understand your curiosity about the new guy in class, but if he happens to be an introvert, repetitive poking might just make him run away. With introverted friends, you need to take baby steps. They are not a fan of small talks and may also be reluctant to talk much about themselves. Stick to generic discussions or talk about something that they are fond of. It will surely make them comfortable and you never know, he might be an interesting encounter.

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#2. Give Them Some Breathing Space

When dealing with an introverted friend, it is important that you understand that they need their own sweet time and space to adjust. Do not keep circling them around with innumerable questions, it might make them uncomfortable. They need to breathe and relax because interacting in a social set up has never been their thing and it can make them feel awkward.

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#3. Patience Is The Key

Dealing with an introvert might get annoying at times. You need to be really patient with your introverted friends. Do not let them know that you are not able to handle the situation well, just keep a happy face. Introverted people are already so conscious, that a little disapproval is enough to scare them away.

#4. Try To Empathize

If you have an introverted friend, you need to empathize with their situation. Instead of putting them down, you need to be there to support and motivate them.

For introverts, socializing doesn’t come naturally. It is a challenge which they need to face at some point or the other. According to various studies, almost everyone is a mixture of introversion and extroversion. While extroverts take advantage of their body language to gain attention, introverts prefer keeping it quiet and low. They do not prefer expending their energies in socializing.

In fact, it is said that introverts ‘recharge’ themselves by spending some alone time after attending a social meeting. They believe that spending time with themselves help in regaining the lost energies.

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Do you think that introverted people can actually be great speakers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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It isn’t easy to be friends with introverts who enjoy their own space and love to stay aloof and isolated within themselves. They love to curl up with their book or maybe follow their passion; however, talking about extroverts, they are the real happening life of a party beings who breathe life to an empty room.  Their infectious and vivacious energy surrounds and captivates everyone, extroverts are interested in various subjects and can spend tons of hours just talking about it. They do not mind small talks and are not always in the search for deeper meanings in life. For extroverts, spending time with friends is a  source of energy and they feel revitalized after attending a super fun event or party. For extroverts, talking helps in clearing their thoughts and hence letting them think more creatively. While introverts keep things to themselves, extroverts prefer to share and express their thoughts explicitly. In comparison to introverts, I feel extroverts become friends for life and their positivity also helps in taking crucial decisions when you’re at the crossroads. Extroverts use almost all sources of communication, be it real or virtual. They will be a part of various groups who are socially very active and are involved in various activities. While introversion hinders a conversation, extroversion is also a character trait that helps them in making new connections smoothly. Extroverted people never run out of topics to talk, life is a little easier. They find it easy to talk to new people and make new friends. It is so because they about because they are involved in multiple activities. Talking to an extrovert is fun because they instantly make the atmosphere lively by involving everyone in the conversation. They keep on engaging in fun activities which give them the opportunity to meet new people whom they can befriend quickly.Extroverted people have innumerable friends with whom they love to talk and hang out. When you are around an extroverted friend, you will never feel boring because they have so many personal experiences and stories to share. 

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