How to Shrink Acrylic?

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How to Shrink Acrylic?

Do you know how to shrink Acrylic? But first, do you know what Acrylic is? It refers to a synthetic yarn that gives the person wearing it several advantages. Its wool is strong and durable and provides good comfort. Only one disadvantage of such kind of material is that it doesn’t give a good deal of warmth and gets shrunk if not washed carefully. Suppose you buy an acrylic sweater, and it’s way too large for your size, then there are ways to shrink it so that you can fit in easily.

How is this Fabric Made?

It is made from Acrylonitrile which is a colorless and flammable liquid that we get from polypropylene plastic. It combines with other chemicals before being put into a spinning solution. The mixture acquired is then either introduced into space filled with air and dry spun or sprayed into the water and then wet spun. Later, the fibers are washed, dried and crimped. You know what happens at this stage? The fibers become either too long and continuous or short like wool or cotton. Both the kinds of fibers can be woven into fabric giving out a different look.

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Now, let’s come to the main question which says, ‘How to shrink Acrylic?’.

Stage One:
Firstly, put the acrylic cloth inside of lingerie bag. If you don’t possess an item like that, then get hold of an item called woman’s stockings which are very commonly available in today’s times. Then, tie or snap the bag shut or knot the stocking.

Stage Two:
Then in the second stage, place a large pot filled with water on the stove to boil over heat which is high. Then, use a pot in which you don’t plan to cook again. As the water boils, you lower it down to simmer.

Stage Three:

Then, in the third stage, place the cloth in hot water and dunk with a pair of tongs until you don’t submerge it efficiently. Then, later permit it to simmer in the water for about forty minutes.

Stage Four:

In the fourth stage, stick your tongs in the water and remove it by putting it on a towel. Then, wrap the cloth with that towel and let it soak the extra water.

Stage Five:

In the fifth stage, put the cloth in the dryer on the highest heat setting you can imagine. And, when the dryer cycle is done then the cloth will be shrunken efficiently and it will be ready to be worn! Satisfying result?

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Hope the above article helped you! By using this technique, you will be able to shrink your clothes to fit in well! Do give it a try! If you have any questions to ask, feel free by commenting in the box below.

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