What is corporate team building?

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What is corporate team building?

The entire team building procedure is designed to unite and improve the bonding between the employees of a Corporate Company. Each employee acts as an individual member and hence participates in different activities. These activities are organized to build a good relation among the individuals of a company. It focuses on the bonding of the individuals and tries to enhance their bonding to the next step. Corporate team building activities are very effective measures to improvise the work culture of a corporate company. The different games organized during the process aids in proper working of a good company and establish a stronger bonding between professionals of different hierarchy. It helps to bring out the differences, which are observed in the team members. The primary motto of corporate team building process is to help businesses become responsive and customer friendly.

Points to be kept in mind before organizing a corporate team building:

When assembling a team consisting of different individuals with contrasting personality some points should be kept in mind: 
    Team Member: Each team member must be given equal attention. The team comprises of individual team members, so the idea of each and every team member must be given importance during the activities. Each and every team member is an integral part of the team.
    Team relationship: For the successful operating of the team, the relationship between every team members must be clear enough. A good team relation can help to build a successful activity.
    Leadership: The members who are efficient with the leadership qualities must be handled to take the decisions, and guide other members of the team. A competent leader must be focused and clear about his goals.

Activities enjoyed in a Corporate Team building:

Team building activities consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop healthy relation among the team members and their ability to work together effectively.  The activities can include,
•    Communication exercise such as Debates which helps to increase their inter-personal skill and the communication also.
•    Problem-solving exercise is given to increase their capability to withstand various problems and face them accordingly.
•    Planning exercise is given to the team to analyze how efficient they are in planning and presenting their views on any crisis.
•    Trust exercise is given to test how the individuals can rely on each other while taking some major decisions.

Thus it can be concluded that corporate team building activities must be organized in every corporate company to achieve organizational goals. The assessment or the feedback obtained from such activities help the company to decide the strength of each and every corporate individual.

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Rarely is this team building done in the true sense. The managers and higher ups are busy extracting their own benefits exploiting the resources giving little benefit to the organization. The shareholders in the company are more bothered about their profits than the work culture in the company (the key to a profitable organization).

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