Tell Your Boss You Are Leaving Office Early Today

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Tell Your Boss You Are Leaving Office Early Today

According to a recent survey, around 87% of the people in the United States of America spend more than about 50 hours in a week in the office. There are also many other reports that claim that an office-goer spends around 50 minutes every day, only searching for files that are related to the official work. These are just some numbers that suggest that there is a lot of effort that people put into their jobs, and not everyone who goes to the office must be a big fan of it. Every person in this world dreams of leaving their office earlier someday or the other.  

If you’re someone who likes taking some time off from work, or you’re someone who gets frustrated by the fact that it’s dark when you go to work, and it’s still dark when you leave from there. For those who work hard, June 2, 2017, which is the National Leave the Office Early Day marks an incredible holiday that should be celebrated by everyone.

If you’re hooked onto this, then surely you want to know more about this particular fun holiday, and here is everything you want to know about it:

What is Leave the Office Early Day?

It is categorized as a fun holiday as it enables you to leave from work, as soon as you complete your daily office chores. Every office goer on this planet knows that the work that they do versus the hours they have to be in the workplace just never equate as the person doesn’t utilize every moment in the office working.

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On this day, however, you can inform your boss and leave the office to do anything that may please you. The significance of this day can be understood by the fact that it drives the employees to perform at optimum levels of their capacity and this, in turn, yields to better results. Employers, on the other hand, can grant an early leave from office to the people working for them and this could help in the development of a great work atmosphere and in general a better co-operative industry. 

The Beginning Of This Day

Just in case you were wondering about the mastermind who came up with this idea, it is the invention of Laura Stack, a specialist in employee productivity among other things, more than a decade ago. It was Stack who first noted that people in America worked for almost 49 hours a week which leads to a total of about 350 more hours than most Europeans. She believes that these extra hours that are put in by the Americans can prove to be detrimental in more ways than one.

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How Can You Celebrate This Fun Holiday?

Sure, this day motivated you to work earnestly and leave office as soon as possible. It works as a true catalyst in realizing your potential if you’re an employee. You can inform your boss and leave to go out and feed yourself that delicacy you’ve wanted to snack on. You can go ahead and follow your passions on this day when you feel a little more motivated than other days. Due to the same factor of motivation, you can also hit the gym and work those muscles out. If you own a business, on the other hand, you could let your employees know that they’re free to go as soon as they’re done with their work. If not anything, you would be surprised to know how much less time it takes to get the job done.

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Although not quite a long holiday we all would love to have, but one day to leave early is more than we expect on a daily basis. A small, one day vacation is perhaps the greatest incentive that any employee can get so enjoy this wonderful day if you can!

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