Which Organizations Promote Literacy in the World?

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Which Organizations Promote Literacy in the World?

A good literacy rate benefits the people in getting jobs, education and a good lifestyle. But many developing countries still face high illiteracy rates. There are many organizations that are working on improving the literacy rate all around the world.

These organizations conduct many literacy programs and literary activities so that they can remove illiteracy from the face of the earth, and help people live better and meaningful lives. Let’s take a look at some of the organizations that are working hard for this noble cause.

 #1. ProLiteracy

ProLiteracy was founded in 2002 in Syracuse. It is a non-profit organization that undertakes literacy programs and literacy activities for people all over the world. It helps them to read and write. ProLiteracy is more focused on women’s education.

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(Image Courtesy: ProLiteracy)

#2. World Literacy Foundation

The World Literacy Foundation was founded in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia. The main aim of the organization is to promote literacy by bringing various other NGOs together and the collaborating with the governments of other countries to fight illiteracy. It conducts many literacy programs and literacy activities in third-world countries like Uganda and Azerbaijan.

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(Image Courtesy: The Big Give)

#3. Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

The Barbara Bush Foundation was founded in 1989 in Florida. This Not For Profit organization aims to improve the education and literacy rates in the United States through quality literacy programs and literacy activities. The organization provides education to children and adults.

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(Image Courtesy: The Family Place)

#4. Global Literacy Project

The Global Literacy project began in 1999 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Their key programs include shipment of books and supplies for education in developing countries like Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

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(Image Courtesy: Woodstock)

#5. Literacy.org

Literacy.org was established in 1983 at the University of Pennsylvania. It was a partnership between UNESCO and the University. The organization trains and educates the teachers and advocates who are fighting the war against illiteracy.

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(Image Courtesy: My Creston Now)

#6. Books For Africa

As the name suggests, Books for Africa is a Not For Profit organization that collects, supplies and donates books to those areas in Africa where there is a shortage of books. Through their other literacy programs and literacy activities, they are trying to eradicate literacy from Africa, one book at a time!

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(Image Courtesy: GSU Alumni Association)

#7. UNESCO Institute For Lifelong Learning

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning is an institution situated in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in1950. It is responsible for all the literacy programs around the world. The institute also advises other organizations on various literacy activities as well.

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(Image Courtesy: UNESCO)

#8. India Literacy Project

The India Literacy Project was established in 1990. The aim of the project is to gain 100% literacy rate all over India. They have taken help from the government, volunteers and the private sector companies to raise funds for their project. The literacy programs carried out by them are aimed at isolated areas and the children in rural areas.

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(Image Courtesy: Sulekha)

#9. The International Dyslexia Association 

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is a Non-Profit organization that advocates education for dyslexic children and adults. It is situated in Baltimore. Since dyslexic children face so many problems in regular classrooms, IDA helps them by reaching out to their parents, teachers, and the community members for a better environment and healthy lifestyle. 

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(Image Courtesy: Australian Dyslexia Association)

#10. Room To Read 

Room to Read is a Non-Profit organization that was established in 2000 in San Francisco. It aims to eradicate illiteracy and further improve the literacy rate in the US. Through its literacy programs and literacy activities, it is improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing countries.

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(Image Courtesy: Project Literacy)

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