Should education be free?

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Should education be free?

Education should be free as many do not get the privilege to study and they are deprived. Education is something that everyone should get as it shapes one. Without education to keep up in this competitive world is tough. It gives them the basic knowledge to live in this world, enhances them thoroughly, makes them a better person, and enlightens them.

Education is the source through which a person develops. It acts as a spark which becomes the change in the world. Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” To have a peaceful world, education is needed.

Around the world, there are a lot of children who do not get the privilege to study. They live a pathetic life as they are poor. They do not get even a one day’s meal. Due to this, they are forced to do labor at a very young age. Consequently, they do not get an education. To study in good school money is needed and these kids can’t afford this. Hence education needs to be free. Otherwise, these poor kids won’t have a future at all and they could be convinced to take the wrong path to get money. This will eventually lead to more crimes in the country. To quell it, education is necessary.

People in the countryside wouldn’t want their children to study as they think it is not necessary. And due to this, they lack the simple rudimentary knowledge of living. Because of this, there arise lots of problems. Population grows like anything and the developing countries don’t grow. They stay stagnant while the developed countries take advantage of it. Umpteen unseen problems occur and we never hear about it. One gives a clarion call only when something big occurs, but what of the troubles which occur in small scale. For all these education alone is the panacea.

In countries like India, girls are mostly not given education. Brigham Young says, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” To get the people to give education to the girl child, one has to give education freely. Otherwise, they won’t turn up. With dowry and many critical problems in India, lots of killing is ensuing. Especially many girl children have been slain. Female foeticide is burgeoning every day. Therefore, education is the dire need of the hour.

Every problem begins in an individual’s house and escalates like never. Accordingly, if people learn what the right thing to do is, there won’t be any hitches in a land. Today we see many people joining into terrorist groups and destroying the nation. All this is due to the lack of education. They need to comprehend life and bereft it they will be persuaded by insane people. If the whole world is properly educated; then homicides will lessen; heists will stop, and the nations will be peaceful and quiet. The country will face less trouble.

The poet Robert Frost says, “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” Education is something that empowers. It gives self-confidence, motivates a person and encourages people to do well for the country. With education anything is possible. Rather than having the rich grow even richer and the poor become much poorer, a country where education is, everyone will live in harmony.

The cost of living is rising day by day. People are finding it hard to survive. If education is free, then at least some hope will be there for the people. Once people are educated, there will not be many disputes and people will lead a happy life. Awareness of what the world is all about will aid the people in every way. Without learning about life and how the world operates, many live a life of depravity.

Thus, one need to be cognizant of this world and it is only possible through education. It ignites the people into thinking rationally and all the superstitions of the past that linger will find a way out. People will become sensible and the minority people won’t feel inferior.

The mind enlightened cannot again become dark” says Thomas Paine.

Thus, if everyone in the nation is enlightened, then there will be no more hurt or pain. So education should be free so that everyone can be empowered and enriched.

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Yes, education should be given for free. Especially for those who cannot afford it. The basic education should be provided for free. An Educated person can educate others and inturn can take care of the family also and enlighten the community and the nation.


Education is free in allmost all developed countrier, in fact this is key to improve overall development of the coutry. 

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