8 Reasons Why USA Is A Favorable Place For Start-Ups

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8 Reasons Why USA Is A Favorable Place For Start-Ups

Start ups are cropping up everywhere, and budding businessmen are venturing into new businesses. Gone are the days when starting a business was something that was confined to few, now every good idea has a market and a customer base.

Young minds in the USA are ready to experiment and push their limits to create something new. There are various motivating factors that help them to actually start their own business in a country with a flourishing economy. Some of the reasons behind the vast number of emerging start-ups in the USA are:

#1. Role-models

The inspiring stories of people like Jeff Bezos have inspired people all-over. One of his competitors remarked, "When you work at a stone’s throw from his office and have actually seen him grow his company from scratch, you would want to follow in his footsteps."  The whole idea of ‘If he could do it then so can I’ is a great motivation factor for a person to strive and take the risk.

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#2. Easy funding

Money runs the game and you can’t think of opening any business, no matter how small if you are running short of money. Getting a primary funding though is not difficult in the USA and even friends and relatives chip in because the idea of doing something new is not as risky as it was before. Companies like Apple and Facebook kicked off with meagre capital investment and today, they are churning billions.

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#3. Availability of infrastructure

You need infrastructure for a business and that is not hard to get in the USA. Be it a lawyer, work space, PR firm, launch vehicle or for that matter even a mentor, who can guide you to your success; there is nothing that is inaccessible for a fresh start up in the USA.

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#4. Distribution

It’s not just about creating a new service or a product but also bringing it right to the customer's door step. From app stores that giants like Apple, Amazon, and Facebook own to partnership possibilities, the options are numerous here. New York and San Francisco are home to most of the world’s tech press as well.

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#5. Monetization capabilities

USA is right now the richest economy in the world, and to gain access to the flourishing market; you have all the necessary means. The ad services in New York can easily bring your business in the limelight.

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#6. Talent

A company needs a talented and creative mind in order to function well and be productive. The USA has all the talent in the world and a lot of brilliant ideas and concepts have emerged from this great land that is now a big name in the industry. The top rate engineering and business talent reside here and they have the skill-set and drive to get things done.

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#7. Good at management

Not many can boast of coming from the same community which had a couple of guys confined in a small space, eating out of takeaway boxes and running a business. Start up owners here "have been there and done it," all in terms of management, be it HR problems, handling media or cracking hard deals.

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#8. Lucky coincidence

We are not talking about just fate here; we are talking about how anything can happen when you live in a hub of start-up owners. The chances are that you might run into a random executive or someone working on giving shape to a brilliant idea, either way; it is brilliant to be surrounded by like-minded people who work on the same wavelength.

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What are your thoughts on the USA being the best place to launch a startup. Please leave your feedback in the comment box given below.

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