What SEO Myths Stop You To Rank In SERP?

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What SEO Myths Stop You To Rank In SERP?

SEO myths are very harmful to an SEO professional. It is very important to have a clear knowledge about myths and facts.  As we know organic results are very important. Most of the SEO professionals don't know actual facts about organic marketing.  These SEO myths are:

  1. Hummingbird Ruins Keyword Targeting
  2. XML Sitemap for Ranking Boost
  3. Meta Tags are Showpiece
  4. Use Meta Robots to specify Indexable Pages
  5. Better Ranking with Top Level Domains
  6. Use Target Keywords in Anchor Text are Useless
  7. Google will search your Latest Content and Index it
  8. Hire an SEO Agency for top Rankings
  9. RIP Guest Blogging
  10. Keyword Research is not Important
  11. Paid Keywords Improves Ranking
  12. Google Listing will Improve your Search Ranking
  13. Google Loves Authority Platform Blindly
  14. Outbound Links Distract your Visitors
  15. H1 Tags Increase Search Rankings
  16. Social Media is Useless in Ranking Boost

You can read more about these SEO myths on the internet.

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