The era of Strategic Talent Management

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The era of Strategic Talent Management

Many organizations today are longing for strategic talent management but are not able to inculcate it into their system due to a variety of issues. However, the major problem the everyone has been noticing in this aspect is the lack of company-wide commitment. And this article is precisely going to talk about that only.
Every business leader wants to have HR management strategies in his/her company which is driven by business, however, the sad part is that more than half of such companies are failing to adopt a strategic Human Resources initiative. This is because of one huge hurdle which is the absence of company-wide commitment, as per a study conducted by the HR Certification Institute.

According to this study by HRCI, Strategic HR Emerges as a Company-Wide Strategy, only thirteen percent of Human Resources leaders can say that their company is ‘very’ or else ‘immensely committed’ towards strategic HR.

What are the hurdles that are not letting strategic HR flourish?

There are many reasons for strategic HR not getting the right platform to thrive. The primary problem is the C-suite not being in its support. In organizations where strategic HR is not given the position that it deserves, around fifty-four percent of C- suite along with line managers are okay with supporting Strategic HR, while, only thirty-six percent of them say that they are ‘highly committed’ to this idea.

In companies where strategic HR’s presence is very evident, there is a strong company-wide commitment is seen towards strategic HR. As ninety percent of the C-suite executives, line managers & HR leaders collectively feel that the results are good. In companies like these, HR leaders are given the freedom to drive strategic HR proactively.

Another trend that I would like to point out is that strategic HR is accepted more in companies that are in their initial phase of growth. Maybe it is because new organizations are more focused towards adapting to emerging Human Resources & do not believe in just accepting whatever has been going on for years in the HR industry.

HR in a Business Strategy Framework

In organizations where strategic HR initiatives are in action, you will find that the HR activities are business-driven that embrace global strategy and leadership along with division-by-division objectives. In case, the HR leaders are given the support & liberty to enforce strategic HR initiative, they would implement:

•    Strategic recruiting of candidates with a specific skill set that can have a positive effect on the future growth of the firm.

•    Making a productive use of benefits & compensations to invest in enhanced employee performance.

•    Evaluating HR performance and not just HR metrics with assistance from company-wide performance objectives.

•    HR professionals collaborating with high ranking officials of the organizations in order to integrate missions along with a purpose across all departments as well as job roles.

Organizations are not adopting the much needed strategic talent management methods due to a lack of involvement from C-suite & line managers but if this issue is resolved and all the business parties are ready to move out of their comfort zones, strategic HR initiative can change the face of business soon.

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