Top horror movies

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Top horror movies

The horror genre is something that excites everyone of any age. The fact that getting spooked by the unusual scenes of movies and then having sleepless nights is something that every individual inclines to. So what are the best horror movies in recent time?

It greatly depends on the era on which you live in. Ask a kid of 90s and he/she will explain you the movies that spooked the audiences at that time. The same doesn't give a chill to people in the 2017 era.

In my list of the horror movies, I have rated films that audience of every generation considers scary.

1- Exorcist- The 1973 flick directed by William Friedkin still freaks a lot of audiences, even today. The story tells the exorcism of a little girl who gets possessed by a demon and the battle which takes place between a priest and the demonic force.

2-The Conjuring- A 2013 film directed by James Wan stars Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren and Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren, famous paranormal investigators of the 90s. The story revolves around a house which is haunted by a witch. So they take the job of guiding the inhibitors of the house in tackling with the witch's spirit.

3-The Ring- The 2002 American supernatural horror film is directed by Gore Verbinski. Though it is a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film Ring, it gave the audience sleepless nights because of the disturbing figure coming out of the television.

4-Paranormal Activity- Though the film is a series of 6 films taken together telling the story of demonic rituals, the first one is the one to remember of. It was never thought to be made into series until the first part received critical acclaim, both from audience and critics for the demonic substance that affected a couple's life.

5-Grave Encounters- The 2011 Canadian found footage horror film exhibits a crew who takes the journey to film a mental asylum that is said to be haunted. The series of events that gradually make them realise that the asylum is cursed makes the film real spooky.

The above list draws the attention of people I have asked about the horror genre. These are one of the kind movies that really spooked the audiences across generations. Nevertheless, there are many others that make a list to top ten. But considering the top five, these are truly incredible.

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