Are ghosts for real?

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Are ghosts for real?

Though science cannot prove the existence of ghost so it completely denies the fact. But people who experienced and have seen it cannot deny the fact of the existence of Ghosts. Yes, the ghost exists. Because this is not false that people are making the story about them.

Let's know what the ghost is is all about.

After death, our physical body is destroyed but our spiritual body containing our soul along with our bad and good experiences, bad or good emotions and also the negative and positive energy will remain here in the universe. Our universe is made up with 10 dimension and our world is one of them. Our world is a three-dimensional world. So the spiritual body so-called ghost can remain in any dimension.

Ghost generally lives in the higher dimension world. But sometimes some negative energy ghosts is remained here in the three-dimensional world and try to irritate people. As these are the spiritual body with more negative energy, more bad emotion and with more bad experiences holding with them. The term ghost is perfect in this case of the negative or bad soul. Their strength is the negative energy. When people afraid of their paranormal activities they easily affected that person unless cannot do any harm to anyone. Because fear is a negative emotion and work as a bridge to that negative soul spirit.


Yes, I do believe in Ghosts, as their is a positive power on Earth surely their will be negative power too but I not seen them nor had any experience, I have heard many stories and incidents about ghosts and spirits.

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