How to Fix a Stuck Zipper?

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How to Fix a Stuck Zipper?

Zippers are super reliable. But on the other hand, they can also suddenly stop working. Zippers can get stuck or can just split. It's an inevitable phase. We all deal with problems like zipper stuck at the bottom of jeans, but there are several DIY zipper lubrication tips to get rid of stuck zippers. 

Therefore, this is how to make a zipper glide smoothly!

How To Make A Zipper Glide Smoothly?

Here are some simple zipper lubrication tips and effective tricks to fix a zipper stuck at the bottom of jeans.

#1. Before hustling with any other methods, make sure to first check the fabric of your jeans that could have stuck in between the zipper.

#2. One of the best zipper lubrication tips is to use a pencil for rubbing both sides of the zipper. Rub until the graphite gets deposited on the same. This can be repeated until the zippers start to glide smoothly.

#3. Apply some petroleum jelly to the zipper teeth for lubricating the same. Also, try and apply some to the zipper and pull it gradually. Make sure there's no dust sticking to the zipper teeth. You can also rub a wax candle, lip balm or even crayon. These are your very own DIY zipper lubricant.

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#4. Scrub some mild soap solution for a few seconds to clean the garment zip. Get rid of the residue, and this will definitely make the zipper functional.

#5. Even olive oil can be used for the zipper lubrication purpose. With the help of a Q-Tip, just apply some oil on either side of the zipper along with the zipper teeth and unfold the magic.

#6. How to fix a stuck zipper, like a super stuck one? Repair it with Windex. Soak the zipper part of the particular garment in Windex and gradually pull the zipper to its maximum limit. You need to keep repeating this step until the zipper freely glides. But just don't be too harsh on the zipper.

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#7. Is the zipper stuck at bottom of jeans? Use a neutral color candle wax and rub it on either sides of the zipper and don't forget to apply it on the zip as well.

#8. You can even straighten the zipper teeth with pliers in case crooked teeth are obstructing the movement.

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#9. How to fix a split zipper? If the zipper is split, you will have to replace it with a new one. Consider getting the right size and fix the same.

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