What is Tannerite? How does it Work?

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What is Tannerite? How does it Work?

What Is Tannerite?

Tannerite is a legal explosive that can be purchased at almost any gun store. There are two parts to it and that's why tannerite is called as a binary explosive. It explodes whenever something at a velocity of 200 feet/ second (fps) or above strikes it. The eruption is fierce and dusty.

But, it also remains stable if it anyhow gets dropped or tossed. A looney tunes style lighting cannot really explode tannerite. It also doesn't get affected by any kind of electric charge.

Moreover, tannerite isn't even the actual name but the company that manufactures such commercially used binary explosives. The name nowadays is just so universally accepted. And the powders mixed together are ammonium perchlorate and ammonium nitrate along with aluminum powder primarily. Tannerite isn't a dynamite, and it's also more stable than the former, however, it's highly toxic. That's the reason tannerite is sold in smaller pre-sized and pre-packed quantities for police use and avalanche control.

How does Tannerite Work?

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How Tannerite Works?

It is pretty simple - you mix the two compounds that you got while purchasing, Set them out at a safer distance and shoot with a rifle that accomplishes over 2,000 fps. Tannerite is an explosive, so it ought to be dangerous. You don't have to leave your kids/ pets around the place where tannerite compounds are kept.

Make use of watermelons or pile of dirt to be set as the target. Remember that the object must be kept at least 100 yards away from you. Targets that are larger than a pound weight should be kept 200 yards away.

How does Tannerite Work?

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Is Tannerite Legal?

So when you buy tannerite, you are purchasing two separately bagged compounds that combine and make tannerite a legal explosive. Unless the two powders aren't mixed and used, tannerite remains illegal. It isn't a flammable combination and can be quite easily transported to several places without any restrictions.

Is tannerite legal?

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How To Make Tannerite?

It's an easy process, and this is how you can make tannerite at your home. For instance, you take 100g Ammonium Nitrate mixed with 5g Aluminium Powder, so here is the process.

Ammonium Nitrate (95%) needs to be ground into a fine powder. You can use a blender to attain a salt like consistency. Make sure to blend in a no "fire area." And preserve the mix in a sealed container after grounding.

Now take Aluminum Powder (5%) 300-600 of mesh and use a different blender to avoid contamination. Blend in a well-ventilated area and later store in a seal tight container.

Mix the two powders in another container and shake until they are combined with the rate 95 and 5. After mixing, make use of the compound right away on the site. Transportation or storage isn't allowed, and it violates the federal law.

How to make tannerite?

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Tannerite explosives are a better way of spicing up your boring day. However, you must remember that it's a training and target practice ingredient, and must be handled with caution and care. Liked what you just read? Want to share your personal experiences or suggestions? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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