Which Car is Better: Diesel or Petrol?

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Which Car is Better: Diesel or Petrol?

If you’re in the market right now, on the lookout for a new car, we can confirm that the one question that’s making rounds in your head is; if you should go for a diesel or petrol variant.

Diesel cars vs. petrol cars have been the topic of an age-old debate, and a concrete answer to this is yet to be found. In case, you wanted to know it conclusively, it depends on the time you plan to keep your car and how much you’re going to drive it; that should decide if you should opt for a diesel or petrol variant.

Now, let’s take a look at an in-depth comparison between the two options and see which suits your needs the best.

#1. Refinement

Okay, so let’s get a few things out of the way first. Diesel cars used to have a bad reputation because they made a lot of noise over time and also because of their high-maintenance costs. However, that was because the quality of diesel that was being sold in India was really substandard. That is certainly not the case anymore. The refining of diesel is now suited to match International standards. So, quality of diesel is not a concern anymore. Having said that, diesel cars still make some amount of noise as compared to their petrol counterparts.

Which Car is Better: Diesel or Petrol?

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Verdict: If you’re highly particular about the noise that your car makes, then a diesel car is certainly not for you. However, if you don’t mind a bit of noise in the cabin, then you can consider a diesel variant.

#2. Power

When it comes to power, things get a little blurred. That happens for two reasons: petrol cars usually have a great pickup. So, the moment you hit the accelerator, you can experience your vehicle responding to it. In the case of diesel cars, the pickup isn’t as smooth as there is a considerable loss of energy. However, over longer distances, a diesel car has the capacity to outshine a petrol variant in terms of the wheels’ rotations per minute.

Verdict: If you’re a true speed enthusiast and like to feel that sudden throttle, then a petrol car is better suited for you. However, if you can live with that initial lag and then experience power, then you can consider a diesel powered car.

Which Car is Better: Diesel or Petrol?

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#3. Mileage

A diesel car beats a petrol variant in the mileage department and there is no debate about that. On an average, two similar car models with petrol and diesel intakes show a difference of about 7 km/l. That is, you can drive 7 more kilometers in a diesel variant than a petrol car with the same amount of intake.

Verdict: A diesel car is a clear winner in the mileage department as the petrol variant doesn’t come close to it. So, if mileage is your priority, then definitely go for a diesel car.


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#4. Service And Maintenance

Following the performance bit, let’s now come to the business end of things. A petrol car beats its diesel variant in terms of service and maintenance costs. Petrol engines are generally more efficient and as a result, petrol cars tend to need lesser maintenance. Also, we have to consider that the diesel model of a car costs more than its petrol model. In approximation, there is a difference of about Rs. 1 lakh in the prices of the two. So, if we do the math, we can see that buying a petrol model is beneficial, despite the higher price of petrol in India.

Service And Maintenance of car

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Verdict: If your annual driving is not going to be more than 1200 kilometers, then you should go for a petrol model. However, if you plan to drive more than 1500 kilometers a year, and also plan to keep your vehicle for a long period, then you should choose a diesel variant.

So, we see that there are a few differences between diesel and petrol cars, but in the end, it all boils down to how you are going to use your car. If you agree with us, let us know in the comments below.

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