What to Do when you are Bored?

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What to Do when you are Bored?

Who says boredom cannot be excruciating? Ask someone who is suffering from it. The phrase “bored to death” originated for a reason. However, being bored is a choice, and you can avoid it by engaging your mind with some task as soon as boredom strikes.

Here are some things you can try the next time you feel bored.

#1. What is a better way to kill boredom than going for a walk? Stroll in the streets and wander in the markets, meet new people and make new friends. For once, try to leave your gadgets behind and enjoy the amazing world that surrounds you.

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#2. When it comes to things to do when you are bored, playing brain games should feature on top of your list as it will not only help you kill time, but also boost your brain power.

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#3. Haven't you pampered yourself with a lip-smacking dish lately? So, step into the kitchen and put all the recipes you have been reading in books and on the internet to good use and cook something delicious for yourself.

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#4. Get in touch with an old friend. There must be people you haven’t talked to in a while; give them a call or just leave a voicemail letting them know you haven’t forgotten them. Or, better yet, you can write a letter or email to your loved ones to surprise them.

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#5. How about you use your time to learn something new?! It could be anything; how to edit a video, impressive tech hacks you could use in your everyday life (https://askopinion.com/awesome-tech-hacks-to-improve-life) or perhaps a party trick; whatever floats your boat.

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#6. If you lack the required time to read, now is the time you should engage in more reading! Dust off the novels that you have been waiting to read or head to the library to find something engaging.

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#7. One thing you will never regret doing in your free time is taking on a household project. Clean your room, take your dog for a walk or maybe redecorate your house to fill yourself with new energy; even your family members will praise you for it.

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#8. Well, you can even make a movie. It’s simple, and you can do it with your iPhone. It could be something hilarious that you can share on YouTube or something personal that you can keep for yourself to watch the next time you feel the dark clouds of boredom hovering over you.

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#9. Helping someone in need can be great for the soul. So, whenever you feel bored the next time, go to a nearby orphanage or an old-age home and volunteer for those in need.

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#10. Another great way to kill time is working out. Don’t let the gym membership go to waste. If you detest going out, you can also indulge in several short exercises that can be done at home.

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So, now that you know the amazing list of things to do in your free time, you don’t have to be bored the next time you feel bored. Just pick one of these exciting activities and put your time to some good use. 

What is your favorite activity for when you are bored? Share with us through your comments in the section below.

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Answers (2)

When I am bored, I like to scout the internet, that's how I came across this article. There were some really good ideas like reading, cooking and cleaning but the one I like the best is getting in touch with old friends and surprising them with emails or letters. Volunteering also sounds intriguing and satisfying but perhaps it is not applicable for everybody. 

I prefer watching all the pending episodes of my favorite shows on my phone. Sometimes, when that gets boring, I love doodling. I draw anything that comes to my mind. Sometimes while drawings I just find myself drawing lines and figuring out what exactly I wanted to make. I also prefer crafting or doing DIY by searching good and quick ones on the YouTube. However, nothing gets better than writing a story or diary entry. It’s my most often practiced hack for boredom.

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