Where is Tunisia?

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Where is Tunisia?

Have you heard of the country named ‘Tunisia’? If not, we will enlighten you on it. The Republic of Tunisia is a beautiful country in North Africa spawning across an area of 165,000 square kilometers. Cape Angela is its northern point. Surrounded by Algeria in the west and southwest, Libya in the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea in the north and east. Tunisia's population was calculated to be below 11 million in 2014. Not just that, Tunisia's name was derived from its capital city Tunis which is positioned on Tunisia's northeast coast. 

The major languages of the country are Arabic, which is also their official language, and French. Their currency is called Tunisian Dinar, and the major religion that is taken up by people in Tunisia is Islam. Coming to its population, the small country has over 10.7 million citizens. A pretty small number of population to India, right?

Tunisia was once considered a pivotal player in the Mediterranean, hearty thanks to its position in the center of North Africa, near to important shipping routes.  Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and French realized its calculated significance,  therefore making it a pivot for control over the region.  The much talked French colonial was ended in the year 1956, and Tunisia was ruled for thirty years by Habib Bourguiba who advanced secular idea, on the tip of which was the emancipation of women. This country is more buoyant than its neighbors. The key sector agriculture imbibes most of its people and tourism is its important sector as well.

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One of the first rebellious uprisings took place in 2011 to clean the region. The protests dethroned President Ben Ali. The transition of the country has been mostly peaceful although secular Tunisians especially women have been concerned about the inexplicable growth of influence of the extreme conservative Islamists. According to reports, there is a huge challenge positioned by Islamist militants who claimed responsibility for the attacks that took place in the year 2015 in which sixty were killed including several foreigners.

In the year 2015, the densely populated tourist destination became a scary ground following the deaths of 30 Britons at the Tunisian beach resort of Sousse. Investigations revealed that the tourists were killed in a  dangerous terrorist attack in the summer season. Six hotel security guards were reportedly charged with failing to help tourists during the unfortunate event, while some 14 people had been arrested. A little into the past would explain what really happened on that fateful day. Seifeddine Rezgui, operating on behalf of ISIL( Islamic State of Iraq and Levant), arrived at the beach with a gun inside a parasol before he started to shoot people through the pool area and up to the Hotel Imperial Marhaba.

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With an increase in such alarming cases, The FCO in the foreign office said that anybody choosing to travel or stay at their will in the country of Tunisia should keep a check of their insurance policy and ensure it provides “adequate cover.” In spite of the warning issues, many travel to the land for a vacation. If you also plan to explore Tunisia, here is a list of things you can do :

#1. Spend your vacation on the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, or plan a circuit of Tunisia. There are also many agencies that have fancy tours for the tourists. Moreover, you could also travel in their public transport. Also, lounges are said to be cheap and imbibe a safety factor for single women.

#2. It is also said that south of Tunisia is more attractive than the north. A renowned tour guide advises for the south side and visitors are instructed to avoid the places adjacent to the Algerian and Libyan borders where a lot of kidnappings have always been reported.

#3. Keep in mind; the hotel rating isn't in comparison with US standards although they are cheap and pretty fancy to live in.

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