Where is Washington DC?

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Where is Washington DC?

Are you someone who loves the idea of travel? Have you ever wished to go to Washington DC? Do you wonder where DC is and how it would be to go to a place like that?

Well here is a little-detailed idea on where Washington DC is and all that you need to know about its location.

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Where Is Washington DC Located?

This city is located in the mid-Atlantic region of East Coast of the United States. It falls between Maryland and Virginia. The city was founded in the year 1791 under the jurisdiction of the congress to serve as the Capital of United States. What is significant is the fact that it was established as a federal city and not as a part of a state or as a state itself.

The city is such that it is divided into four quadrants, which include; North West, North East, South West, South East. Centering the US Capitol building are the street numbers.

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Why Is Washington Not A State?

We all are aware that the capital city has not been granted statehood. The question remains why the city that was to serve as the capital of a nation like The United States not given statehood would? For this, we need to take a quick look at the history. It is essential to remember that Washington was not always the capital city. The city was founded with the purpose of serving as the capital city. Therefore, the main interest in the formation of the city was to have a place which could serve as the seat of power. A place from where all the duties and powers concerning the governance of the entire nation could be discharged.

Another main reason was to make sure that the voting members of DC should not be able to interfere with the functioning of the government. The voting members could be able to directly influence the functioning of the government, simply because of their proximity to the government. The main idea was to keep the seat of power free of any miss use or any kind of negative influence. It was a decision taken to keep away all possible blocks and interference.

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Till date, Washington DC does not have a voting representation in the Congress. The federal government has all the powers of jurisdiction over the city. The governance of the entire city is in the hands of the federal government.

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