Which one is Better: Book or Movies?

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Which one is Better: Book or Movies?

Should one read the book and spoil the movie or should one watch the movie and spoil the book? This is a question that troubles most of us. Going by the trend, there are a lot of movies which are based on novels. While there may be a slight difference in the plot, a book and a movie may be quite different in their representation. This only turns your world of imagination upside down.

Well, there is no denying the fact that both have their own charm. To cover the dilemma, here are the reasons why movies are better than books and vice versa.

Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

#1. Visual Experience

Movies can leave an indelible impact on your mind with the strong visual stimulation. While the stories become more appealing when shown visually, movies can even take you to the world beyond your imagination.

#2. Save Time

Many prefer watching movies over books as it saves them a lot of time and effort. For all those who do not have much time, it is only appropriate to have a satisfying story time in just around a couple of hours.

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#3. The Music

What could be better than getting to know a plot with some luring music? The background music is something that gives movies an edge over books. Not only does it get you more involved in the plot, it also makes it more entertaining.

#4. Socialize

Going for a movie is an act of socializing in itself as you have the option of stepping out to a movie hall. Watching a movie with your friends in a cinema hall serves you with the dual purpose of catching up with your peers while you lose yourself in the intriguing plot.

#5. The Actors

You get even more attached to a plot when you know that your favorite actor has been cast in the movie. The mere delight of watching your favorite actor on-screen as your favorite character is something that makes films far better than books.

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Reasons Why You Prefer Books Over Movies

#1. A Lot Of Imagination

Books tend to make a lot of room for imagination. Not only do you imagine the appearance of the characters and set up of different locations, you can also infer your own interpretation to the story.

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#2. Carry It Around

The best part about picking books over movies is that you do not have to wait to read a book. You can buy it anytime and carry it around everywhere. In short, you are entirely in control of how and when you want to read.

#3. Better Understanding

With their long narratives, books tend to provide you with a better understanding of the plot and characters. This is something that makes books a lot better than movies, which are restricted to a particular time frame.

#4. The Language

With different styles of writing pursued by different authors, you get to understand the language in a much better way. You even get a better hold on vocabulary when you prefer reading books over watching movies.

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#5. Book Sniffing

The book lovers understand the joy of sniffing an old book very well. The pleasing olfactory experience is something that the movies will never be able to provide.

Books Or Movies?

It is safe to say that both have their own charm and a set of pros and cons. In fact, deciding between book and movies is entirely a matter of individual preferences and discretion. It is important to understand that with their distinctive traits and characteristics, it is appropriate that they maintain the level of difference that they do. After all, people are only unconsciously looking for something new, when they are watching a movie after reading the book or vice versa.

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We would love to hear from you. Which one do you prefer- books or movies? Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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I would like to read books


No! Books are better than movies. I love reading books over watching movies. Though, that is not the only reason to prefer books over movies. In my opinion, books are capable to describe each and every moment with adroitness. Whereas, the movies are just a way to know what the book expresses like a summary.

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