Why People Love Dakimakura Pillows with 3D Breast?

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Being a part of the dakimakura pillow, 3D breast has started an upsurge in the filed of dakimakura pillow since it comes to the world. It is popular and more and more people love it.But for some people, maybe it is one thing that they are never heard of.Here we will introduce dakimakura pillows with 3D breast for you and explain the reasons why people love this kind of dakimakura pillow.

What is 3D breast? As you can imagine, it is the artificial breast which is made from silicon.And silicon is not unfamiliar to us.This kind of material is usually used in cosmetic surgery. So you may know my point. Yes, this object has the shape and size just like a human's breasts as well as the sense of touch. Now in the market, there are round and shell shape from A cup to F cup to sell. You can choose different anime images that you love with different shapes and sizes.Therefore, they can have more choice except anime images for people.This is the fundamental element. 

Second, it is easy to use it with a dakimakura pillow. When you buy a pair of 3D breasts, the merchant will give you the velcro pillow cover which helps you to fix the 3D breasts.You need to put the pillow cover and velcro pillow cover on the inner pillow. Pay attention that put the velcro pillow cover first. Then put the breasts on the velcro pillow cover where is the correspondent part. There is stick on the breasts, so it can be fixed hard and you will never worry about it. More importantly, it can be used repeatly.

Third, it can make the anime character you love more realistic.When you finished the installation of the 3D breasts, your dakimakura pillow will be more solid.It becomes a new dakimakura pillow and shows its exceptional attractiveness.You can feel it super soft and hug it to sleep.If you are lonely, this kind of dakimakura pillow is the most ideal companion for you. Also, if you want the pillow as your girlfriend, it is not impossible!Don't forget the material of 3D breast, which can give you the real breast touch sense as it was.

Last but not least, it is easy for people to hide. Sometimes, there will be a strange expression in other's eyes if they see you have a dakimakura pillow, even if it is not a creepy thing.People will misunderstand you and maybe you will feel upset,which may stop you from owning your favorite dakimakura pillow.However, there is nothing to worry about it. When guests or friends who don't like dakimakura pillow with 3D breast come, all you need to do is just remove the 3D breasts and hide them.Then, the dakimakura pillow is returned to the original state.A normal dakimakura pillow will not require you to do lots of explaining. 

All in all, dakimakura pillow with 3D breast is a new revolution in the dakimakura pillow industry.Its multiple selectivity,easy usage and convenience which all make a dakimura pillow present a unique charm. That is why people love having a dakimakura pillow with 3D breast. Now, this kind of dakimakura pillow is being hot at Coosfly.com. Bring it home to accompany you and you will deserve it.

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