Beginners Guide for starting YouTube as a career

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 Money is not an easy thing to make; it requires effort, hard work, and dedication. There is no golden formula for earning money without spending good quality time on the business. With the advent of social media, people have engaged with its content at a rapid level. They feel entertained by it and have developed a sense of belonging to it, which makes them consider it as their career choice.

 YouTube is one of those big platforms that does not only provide entertainment to its viewers but also is home to many online businesses. This platform is used to grow brand awareness and to create the brands. It has given new meaning to the term brand. Now the brand is not only confined to the objects and services, but a person can also become a brand. Yes, it has become possible by YouTube. This channel has changed the meaning of what business means.

This article contains all the necessary level information that you need to initiate your career on YouTube.

Do you think it starts with creating a channel?

The answer is no.

To some extent yes, you need to sign up and make an account and upload video. But is it the first practical step? Can you just upload any video on YouTube? Will it make views? And how will you earn?

The answer is that you first plan your channel.

Design Theme

Designing theme involves finding the options that you have regarding your content creation. Ask yourself what kind of videos you want to make?

Are you already running a business that you want to promote through YouTube?

If the answer is yes, then you need to figure out the strategy to do it. You can't just can't make a video about your products and tell people to buy it.

 Develop secondary content and promote your brand through it. For example, you have a skincare line, and you want to promote those products, then start with creating content that targets the problems regarding skincare market in your area. You can interview women regarding their skin problems and then provide a solution through your products. Now make a creative video and upload it.

What if you have nothing to promote, but you yourself want to become brand and influencer?

Start asking yourself what you are good at? What are you most passionate about?

If you are good at cooking, you can start making tutorial videos regarding food. Or if you are passionate about motivational speech that you can create content regarding motivational speaking.

Some people search for social media advisors to help them find an engaging theme like you search to pay someone to write my paper. Don't see these advisors at an early stage. And work on finding your skill yourself as no one knows you more than you.

Maintain the flow of content

Perform your research to verify the fact that only those You Tubers have become successful that maintained the regular flow of content on your channel. For attracting the traffic, you need to keep showing up on your channel. You can't expect a loyal viewership if you won't provide the quality content regularly.

If you claim to upload two videos every week then make sure that you fulfill your promise; otherwise, your serious image will be ruined in the eyes of your viewers.

So keep reefing your content.

Know that getting subscribers and viewers is hard, but keeping them is harder. So put an effort.

Create striking Hooks

Your video hooks are the face of your video. It is your chance to get the attention of your viewers. In the first few seconds, the viewer makes a choice, if he further wants to watch your video or not. Make sure that you pique the viewer’s interest with an impressive video start.

People love stories. When you initiate video with an interesting storyline, people get hooked to screen as they want to know the next parts of the story.

Similarly, if you are creating DIY videos, you can add a picture of an end result in the start. So that people watch the video to see the process that leads to an end result.

Never choose boring, unrelated stories as people will move to some other video in an instant if you won’t magnet them to your video.

Use small video openers

Again it’s all about attention span!

Never use long video openers. No one has a long time to spend on watching long openers, played at slow speed.

If you need to add credits or name of sponsors in the start, make sure that you increase the speed of that part as you don’t your viewers to lose interest in the video.

Add video links on the end screen

It is the most successful strategy that is adopted by the most successful You Tubers. Always add links of your other videos at the end of your video. Add this end screen in the last 20 seconds of the video. Plan your end screens cautiously. And make sure to frame these at one corner of the video, so that viewers can see the person talking or the video subject till the end of the video without any obstacle of the link.

You can also add a small video clip at the end that entices other people into watching your other videos. This way people will switch from your one video to another.

These are the best tips that can set you up for success in the world of social media. Learn to edit and spend quality time on content creation. Follow our tips and tricks to increase traffic on your YouTube channel and stay consistent. And make sure that you depict all of your positivity and energy through your videos!

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