How can one earn money from YouTube?

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How can one earn money from YouTube?

There are countless articles floating on the web on "how to make money on YouTube." But this one's an insider's perspective and a handy guide on "how actually to make money on YouTube."

Three most commonly asked questions:

1. What content works on YouTube?

Content is still the King; it will always be. To make sure that your videos do not infringe someone else’s copyright - use your creative skills and imagination to create videos that are completely original. Here are some popular, copyright free and easy to kick start video content ideas

Tutorials/How-Tos on just about everything

Product/Service/Movie Reviews

Content around current trending topics

Turn your child, pet into a star or become a star yourself

And lastly, don't be afraid to try new stuff, you never know what might click. 

2. How to manage finances?

Collaborations: Sign up with brands or tap into fellow YouTube creators for an enhanced reach and exposure.

Sign up with an MCN: If you're looking for some direction and investment, you can sign up with a Multi-Channel Network.

YouTube Partner Program: YouTube offers channel partnership that not only gives you access to the revenue-sharing dashboard, but also multiple tools and insights to increase your viewership. A certain threshold criterion exists regarding total views and channel subscribers. 

3. What to avoid?

YouTube’s policy states for the content to be advertiser-friendly, it has to be appropriate for all audiences. “Inappropriate language, including harassment, swearing, partial nudity, sexual humor, violence, promotion of drugs, graphic imagery, subjects related to war, politics and vulgar language” is considered inappropriate for advertising.

Community Guidelines:

Terms of Service:

No one said it would be easy. The possibilities are endless, but hey, so are the earnings.

Got more queries? Drop in your questions below.

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