"YouTube Go" app for India

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"YouTube Go" app for India

Youtube Go is the recently launched apk from Google. It can be used on both android and iphone.

Youtube is the superb platform for watching and sharing videos online. Anyone can create an account on Youtube using Google account and can start watching videos. Users can also upload as many videos as they want. They can also create youtube channel. Youtube channels can be used by the entrepreneurs for marketing of their companies or products or services. It can also be used by normal people to upload different moments of their life which they would like to share. It had also introduced the offline mode. But the main concern was the speed of the videos due the internet connection. Many people use youtube to watch videos on slow connections like 2G or congested 3G. Watching over wifi is ok. The slow connections make the videos buffer for a longer time, which becomes irritating. Google has rolled out this apk for the slower connections, so that it can reach to more and more people and they can also take advantage of Youtube videos. This app will allow watching videos on low internet connection and even downloading them in the offline mode.


• Users will be able to decide & choose the type of quality in which they want to watch or save the videos. This will save a lot of data from being used and ultimately save the money.

• The videos can be previewed before downloading them. The videos will be displayed in the form of thumbnails in the Youtube go app and can check the quality of the video is good or bad.

• Users can easily watch or download the latest or trending videos as they will be displayed in the homescreen of this app.

• Similar to Shareit app, users will be able to share the youtube videos to their family and friends without using internet connection. Videos can be shared offline. Videos can directly be shared with other users of Youtube go app who are nearby.

• The app will display the size of the video before watching or downloading it which will give an idea about the amount of data usage. This way it will be easy to save internet.

This app has been launched in India initially but will be launching in other countries soon. The main aim of Google behind this app was to increase the number of users of youtube videos without worrying about the internet connection speed, internet data usage and money used for internet.

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