10 Of The Most Viewed Videos On YouTube

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10 Of The Most Viewed Videos On YouTube

YouTube is a fascinating and strange place, to say the least, from the intelligent to the insipid, the entertaining to the truly revolting all exist on the same platform. One can spend hours on YouTube and not get bored in the bewitching and bewildering world that has millions of viewers catching up with their favorite videos on a daily basis.

There are a plethora of vloggers who have used this platform to connect with their viewers and make millions in the process but yet a run down with some of the most viewed videos on YouTube show that the one’s that remained hot favorite was music videos. Here is a look at some of the most viewed videos on YouTube:

#10. Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran

Uploaded – October 2014

Views- 1.70 billion

Ed Sheeran has become a sensation among music listeners and it’s not just about his amazing voice and melody but also his music videos. From the foot-tapping rhythm of ‘Shape Of You’ to the soulful ‘Thinking Out Loud’, each is accompanied by a music video that goes enchantingly well with the lyrics.

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#9. Dark Horse- Kate Perry ft. Juicy J

Uploaded- February 2014

Views- 1.96 billion

Kate Perry’s videos always have a very unusual theme to them. From the magical arts of ancient Egypt to the aliens creating a new world after the apocalypse, if you can think of it, chances are Perry has already made a music video on it. Though it does the trick and pulls in a lot of viewers.

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#8. Lean On- Major Lazer and DJ Snake ft. MO

Views-2.08 billion views

Uploaded-March 2015

You will have to live under a rock if you have not heard this one. The over 2 billion views are no surprise here.

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#7. Sugar-Maroon 5

Views: 2.12 billion

Uploaded: January 2015

Maroon 5 is among the most popular music bands currently, and their fans eagerly wait for the release of their album and anticipate the release of their videos. The music video in which Adam Levine and his fellow band members hit every wedding in town has an insane amount of views.

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#6. Shake It Off –Taylor Swift

Views- 2.22 billion views

Uploaded- August 2014

Her music generally catered to young girls falling in love or nursing a broken heart but this song was a welcome relief, and its video was far different than Taylor’s former work. It was pleasantly surprising and climbed popularity chart quiet fast. Taylor is not her usual composed and girly self in the video but runs around insane doing ridiculous things and having a great time while at it.

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#5. Despacito — Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee

Views: 2.25 billion

Uploaded: January 2017

Daddy Yankee is another singer noted for his sensational music and equally appealing music videos. With such foot tapping music and amazing view, the difference in language seems non-existent. The sexy salsa definitely plays a major role in pulling people back to re-watch the video.

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#4. Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Views-2.52 billion

Uploaded-November 2014

This was probably the jazziest and a peppy number of the past couple of years, despite being released in 2014, its popularity refuses to die down.

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#3. Sorry- Justin Beiber

Views- 2.60 billion

Uploaded- October 2015

Justin Beiber’s musical method of redemption touched hearts and made people groove at the same time. Whether he is really a changed man, only time will tell, but for now, his music and video are garnering a lot of views.

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#2. See You Again — Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Views- 2.86 billion

Uploaded- April 2015

This beautiful track drove people to tears and showcased the beautiful relationship between the late Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. The video and the lyrics were a fitting tribute to a wonderful actor.

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#1. Gangnam Style — Psy

Views: 2.88 billion

Uploaded: July 2012

No matter what, the ones to rule the roost on YouTube are the bizarre videos and Psy took it to a whole another level with Gangnam Style. It remains the number 1 on the list of most-viewed videos in recent times. 

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Which of these are your favorite videos on YouTube?Connect with us using the comment box below and leave a reply. We look forward to your opinions. 

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