Benefits of sitting and eating on the floor.

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Benefits of sitting and eating on the floor.

In many Indian households, you find that people sit on the floor and have their meals.

When sitting on the floor, you usually sit cross legged. You must have wondered why our grandparents always asked us to eat food sitting cross legged. Sitting so many hours, on the chair for long hours has done harmful things to our body. Sitting on the floor while eating aids in better digestion. One feels more calm and feel full. This posture increases blood circulation and life span of the person. Keeps the joints healthy.

Helps in weight loss.

When you sit on the floor, the vagus nerve performs better and transmits signals because your brain calms down and make you feel fuller. Vagus nerve is the nerve that transmits signals from your brain to the stomach.


When you squat and sit, the muscles in your lower back, pelvis, stomach stretch. This helps your digestive system relax and make your muscles more flexible.

Key to live longer.

People who sit on the floor in Padmasana, are more likely to live longer. This is because, getting up from that position takes a considerable amount of lower body strength.

Keeps your knees and joints healthy.

While sitting on the floor, the hip opening, makes our pelvis and legs more flexible. Constant bending of the knees, ankles and hip joint keep them flexible and lubricated.

Strengthens the heart.

When your feet are below your heart, the blood circulation is being directed towards your feet, and when you sit cross legged on the floor, your heart receives better blood circulation.

It is humble.

This is the reason, monks meditate on the floor and not on the chair. You are at the same level with children and animals. It is easier to connect with the spiritual side.

Family bonding.

Sitting on the floor together, increases bonding and helps difference of opinion when they sit together to eat a meal.

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