What are the Best Hand-Woven Fabrics in India?

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What are the Best Hand-Woven Fabrics in India?

Modern technology might be galloping artisans throughout the country, but the fact that there are still a plethora of handlooms operational in the country proves to the fact that hand-woven fabrics still have many buyers.

And why not? In a country like India, rich in its diversity, there are several weavers who refuse to give up and many people who still appreciate indigenous products. Besides, owning something that has been made with sheer attention to detail and with intricate craftsmanship is a joy in its own.

We look at around the country and hand-pick some hand-woven fabrics that still has many admirers. Take a look:

#1.Bomkai Handloom

From: Subarnapur, Odisha

Weavers pay immaculate attention to detail and produce a golden-border that is the show stopper of the sarees produced by this loom. Add to that the super comfortable material and the contrasting patterns; this is an absolute gem of fabric to own. Still, want more? Several celebrities are in awe of these sarees.

Bomkai Handloom

(Image Courtesy: Boyakani)

#2.Tussar Silk

From: Jharkhand

The silk sarees that are produced in this loom are not only famous in India but have a huge fan following in countries like the US and the UK. The sarees are naturally golden in color and look absolutely stunning even without dying. It is an absolutely delicate piece of fabric and hence, deserves enormous care and affection. However, that doesn’t mean these sarees don’t last.

Tussar Silk
(Image Courtesy: Utsavpedia)

#3.Manglagiri Cotton

From: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Joining the list is yet another fine weave that is famous for the production of brightly-colored sarees. You can get these handloom sarees online as well. One needs to have a fine eye to appreciate the kind of weave that is used to produce this fabric, and the result is a staggering piece of Indian handloom.

Manglagiri Cotton

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

#4.Maheshwari Handloom

From: Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh

If you don’t belong to a royal ancestry, then this is your best shot at wearing what the elite-class used to wear back in the day. Made with the perfect blend of silk and cotton, the result is a dense weave. The colors aren’t eye catchy, but they continue to have a charm and sophistication of their own.

indian handloom

(Image Courtesy: Blogger)

#5.Pochampally Ikat

From: Hyderabad, Telangana

Ikat is essentially a dying technique. However, in this fabric, dying takes place even before the process of weaving has started, and this is the biggest characteristic of this particular fabric. Needless to say, the result is an extremely beautiful piece of fabric with equally attractive patterns.

handloom products

(Image Courtesy: Most Happenings)

These are some of the famous Indian handlooms. You can either visit them or get the fabric online as well. In any case, the existence of these hand-woven fabrics in our country remains eccentric because they are synonymous with our rich and diverse culture. 

If you own a piece of hand woven fabric, let us know in the comments below!

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