Big Eyes Land- Short story

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  Big Eyes Land- Short story

One fine morning, Wan went on a stroll and met Ben and Ken who were arguing.


“This is my dog, give it to me Ben”, said Ken.

“No! It is mine,” cried out Ben.

A fight broke out between the two.




Wan, a friend of Prince saw this and asked Ken and Ben to stop the fight. But they would not oblige.

So Wan went running to the Prince who was with the King.

“Oh Prince!, Ben and Ken have been fighting over a dog”

Prince was confused.

"What to do now Dad", asked the Prince.

"You are a grownup young man now, I feel you must be able to handle this," answered the King.


“Ask them to come to the courtroom”, ordered the Prince.

Both of them said that the dog was theirs and Ben started to cry.

Prince being softhearted fell for the tears and immediately said, “I order the dog be given to Ben”.


But the Prince did not feel content as he had a doubt over his decision. So he decided to ask for the King’s guidance..

Prince met the king.

“How to find out whether I have given the right judgement or not?.”

“It is simple son, after deciding the judgement, say “Oky doky, dooky doky do”and touch your head. If your eyes become swollen, then the judgement is wrong. If it is a correct decision, your eyes will remain the same size”.

Next day, Ben and Ken were asked to meet the Prince.

The Prince said “Oky doky, dooky doky do” and touched his head.

His eyes started to swell.


He regretted having fallen for tears, reversed his order and gave the dog to Ken.

Moral: Never fall for crocodile tears

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