Which is your favorite vampire story?

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Which is your favorite vampire story?

There are umpteen number of stories based on vampirism which will create a dreadful fear in your inner self. Some of the famous works are Dracula, Buffy the vampire Slayer, Twilight series etc. Even you could read about vampires in short stories of various authors like Stephen King, Christopher Pike etc.

Vampirism is a subject that has been famous among many authors since 19th century onwards. The first short story in English based on Vampire was ‘Vampyre’ by John Polidore in 1819. Since then lots of poems and stories were evolving based on this subject.

 Amongst all the works, my favourite remains Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. The language is so eerie that it sure creates a lot of sleepless nights once you read the book. The antagonist Count Dracula is clearly etched by the author that we do have a clear picture of that character in our imagination, which does not stray away much from the pictorial representation of Count Dracula in various movies.

Narration of the story through a diary format was a first of its’ kind. The horrible agony which the protagonist Jonathan Harker faces clearly makes us recoil in horror. The way Dracula transforms into bat, moth or moon light makes us wonder at the depth of imagination of fantasy this author had at that era.

The authors’ minute depiction of this creature of fantasy is so detailed; there is nothing much for us readers to fill in. And the thrill we share with the protagonists with their adventure of hunting down this creature from hell is simply stupendous.

So, young readers out there, I’ve got nothing else to say other than this. If you haven’t read this masterpiece work of Bram Stoker, Go out and grab a copy as fast as you can.

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